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    Be Cool, Be Green

    Manufacturers of roof vents, Active Ventilation Products Inc., (AVP) is a GREEN suppler. Any kind of roof vent or roof ventilator is made of recycled aluminum, and roof ventilators will save you on energy. Roof ventilators are available in different sizes and heights. Each roof vent is made in America and comes with a 5 year warranty. Also, each roof vent can be powder coated (painted) to the desired color, so that all the roof vents looks great on the roof. Feel free to contact us by phone during business hours, or with our web form any time.

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    Welcome video

    Active Ventilation Products offers an innovative line of GREEN energy saving vents and fans for your home or business. See our welcome video» here

  • Solar Attic Fan

    Solar Attic Fan

    Our unique solar fan combines renewable solar and wind power to work 24/7.» read more

  • Flat Roof Ventilation

    Flat Roof Ventilation

    Release humidity and heat by providing an intake and exhaust with AVP?s roof ventilators.» read more

  • Aura Exhaust Fan

    Roof Exhaust Fan

    Aura Roof Exhaust Fan – The Aura Roof Exhaust Fan is an effective attic fan, because the Aura Roof Exhaust Fan has an internal cone, which makes this power attic fan exhaust aerodynamically when pulling hot air out of the attic. Other attic fans also don’t have continues exhaust like the Aura Roof Exhaust. This power attic fan is also an attic powered vent. That is because this roof exhaust fan runs highly efficient with its patented louver design. These louvers pull air out of the vent to create the venture effect. Also this attic exhaust fans motor is also American made. Keeping attics cooler in the summer and dryer in the winter, this roof fan is extremely effective. » read more

  • Aura Wind-Powered Vent

    Aura Wind-Powered Vent

    The Aura Ventilator – The Aura Ventilator is a state of the art gravity roof vent which is tested to withstand wind speeds of 200mph. Having a patented louver design, the Aura Ventilator is the best gravity vent available today. Pulling out hot attic air in the summer and damp attic air in the winter, this turbine like roof vent uses the venture effect. Other gravity ventilators can’t compete with the Aura Vent, not even the classic roof turbine. What is also unique to the Aura line of gravity roof ventilators is that it is available in residential and commercial sizes. Also it’s great for a pitched or flat roof. You can choose the diameter and height of your gravity vent. Also rain and wind driven snow as well as insects can’t get passed the protective louvers of the gravity roof vent. » read more

  • Roof Louver

    Roof Louver

    Pop Vent Roof Louver – The Pop Vent Roof Louver is one of the best roof louvers on the market today. Tested to withstand wind speeds of 200mph, this roof louver has an internal louver design this roof louver can lower attic temperatures in the summer and keep them dry in the winter. Other roof louvers may allow insects and rodents to enter the attic, but not the Pop Vent roof louver. Three rows of louvers protect the attic from insects and other vermin from entering. The Pop Vent roof louver is low profile and looks great on the roof. » read more

  • Round Back Static Vent

    Round Back Static Vent

    Round Back Static Roof Vent – The small low profile Round Back Static Roof Vent stands out amongst other static roof vents because this static roof ventilator is made of aluminum and not galvanized. Other galvanized static ventilators rust. You can see those static vents creating rust streaks down people’s roofs. Our Round Back Static Roof Vent will not rust, it always looks like new. A Round Back Static Roof Vent installed years ago looks virtually new today. Low profile and an effective static ventilator, the Round Back Static Roof Ventilator keeps out rain and snow and helps to reduce attic temperature in the summer and moisture in the winter. » read more

  • Solar Powered Fan

    Round Back Solar Powered Fan

    The Round Back Solar Fan is an economical solar powered exhaust fan, rust-free and built to last. » read more

  • PVC Pipe Vent

    PVC Pipe Vent Cap

    This version of the Aura Vent has a special adapter to fit over several diameters of PVC pipes. » read more

  • Solar PVC Vent

    Solar PVC Pipe Fan Cap

    This version of the Aura Solar Fan has a special adapter to fit over several diameters of PVC pipes. » read more

  • Aura Retrofit Kit

    Aura Retrofit Vent Kit

    The Aura Retro-Fit Ventilator - The Aura Retro-Fit Ventilator, essentially the same product as the Aura Ventilator except that this product fits over existing turbine ventilator bases. The Aura Retro-Fit is a popular choice for replacing old turbine ventilators, because the Aura Retro-Fit does not have the mechanical issues that surround traditional turbine ventilators. The Aura Retro-Fit will not vibrate like a turbine vent (because of rusty bearings), it also does not need to be leveled like a turbine vent, and it does not need to be removed in case of a hurricane like a turbine vent. The Aura Retro-Fit is a quick and easy to upgrade your turbine vent. » read more

  • Aura Dade Cty Vent

    Aura Dade Cty Vent

    This adaptation of the Aura Vent has a double layer of louvers to prevent leakage in hurricane-speed winds. Tested in sustained winds up to 110 mph. » read more

  • Aura Gas Cap Vent

    Aura Type-B Gas Vent

    Adaptation of the Aura Vent to fit gas furnace and exhaust pipes, with special spark protector. » read more

  • Intake Vent

    Intake Vent

    An attractive, well designed intake/exhaust vent with louvers » read more

  • Breather Vent

    Aura Breather Vent

    The Aura Breather Vent – The Aura Breather Vent, is a turbo charged breather vent because of its louver design. Traditional breather vents are solid domed shaped, they don’t exhaust moisture vapors effectively, but the Aura Breather Vent pulls out the vapors and air from under the roof membrane at a rapid rate by using the venture effect. This breather vent has an optional damper and is available exclusively at Active Ventilation. » read more

  • Bath Fan

    Aura Bath Fan

    Aura Bathroom Fan gets rid of moisture and odors, and continues to exhaust using wind power when the fan is turned off. » read more

  • Curb Mount Flange

    Curb Mount Flange

    Curb Mount Flanges are available in standard sizes or custom made to install our vents on existing roof curbs » read more

  • Roof Curb

    Roof Curb

    Our durable Roof Curbs are made of rust-proof aluminum with flashing, built to withstand high winds. » read more

  • Attic Ventilator

    Keepa Vent

    Use of the Keepa Vent is an effective way to accomplish attic ventilation. Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum, the Keepa vent is a popular attic vent. Keeping an attic cooler in the summer and dryer in the winter you?ll find this attic vent surpasses other attic vents because of its design. Having a tall stack helps to draw out hot and wet air from the attic. Attic ventilation is important in order to preserve a home or building, also attic ventilation helps keep a building energy efficient. » read more

Flat Roof Ventilation
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Petite Solar Powered Fan

round back roof louver ventEconomical solar powered fan in the round back design.

Round Back Static Vent

round back roof louver ventExcellent air flow and maximum wind strength

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