Pop Vent

Pop Vent on a PVC roof
Pop Vent on a PVC roof

Pop Vent Intake Vent – The Pop Vent is one of the best intake vents on the market today. Tested to withstand wind speeds of 200mph, this intake vent has an internal louver design this intake vent can lower attic temperatures in the summer and keep them dry in the winter. Other intake vents may allow insects and rodents to enter the attic, but not the Pop Vent intake vent. Three rows of louvers protect the attic from insects and other vermin from entering. The Pop Vent intake vent is low profile and looks great on the roof.

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Choose your Inside Diameter,  then choose your Collar Height.
  • 4"-12" Collar vent models are for Flat Roof applications.
  • Retrofit vent models replace and upgrade old turbines or other roof vents.

Provides Outdoor Air Directly Into Fresh Air Ducts, Attics or Buildings
Extensively Used as a Conventional Roof Intake Vent
Durable All Aluminum Construction
Collars Are Available to Increase the Height of the Vent
Head Assembly is Removable for Easy Installation and Maintenance
Wind Tested to 200 Mph
Powder Coating Available
5 Year Guarantee