Roof Ventilation Testimonials
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Customer Testimonial # 1:

Attic Tune-Up Systems LLC
P.O. Box 8879
Mesa AZ 85204

October 1,2005

Martin K Kolt
Active Ventiilatlon Products
P-0 Box 1521
Newburgh, NY 12551-1521

Dear Martin:

I want to express my appreciation to you and your company. Over the years you have provided new technology as well as custom fabrication to the roofing community.

Active Ventilation's Aura Fan Ventilator has been very successful due to its effective design.
Having the vent work with the motor on or off because of the Venturi effect makes this product unique and valuable.

Secondly the cone built into the head allows for greater CFM by reducing backpressure which results in lower electricity usage by the fan.

Over the past 7 years Active Ventilation has and continues to be a good friend to the roofing
community. This is why I recommend any of Active's line of roof ventilators.

Thank You,

Ray Kohler
Attic Tune-Up Systems LLC 

Customer Testimonial # 2:

Horton Homes Inc.
Port Office Drawer 4410
(708) 485-8508

July 13, 2005

To Whom it May Concern:

I grant this letter of endorsement on behalf of Active Ventilation
Products Inc. Horton Homes started buying vents in 1983 from
Active Ventilation, and we still could not be happier.

It was because of the quality and performance of Active's Vents that
made Horton Homes standard on them in 1986. In addition Horton
Homes continued to go standard with Active Ventilation's new
product line in 1996, when HUD's new vent laws came into affect.

In our 22-year relationship, Horton Homes has not experienced any
problems or complications with Active Ventilations vents or
skylights. Furthermore we always experience excellent customer
service with Active Ventilation. Active Ventilation is, and has always
been, eager to please and will stop at no end to make sure our needs
are met.

Thank you.

Steve Gregory
Purchasing Manager

Customer Testimonial # 3:

Hunter Knepshield Company
P 0 Box 499
LaGrange, KY 40031


Mr Martin Kolt
Active Ventilation Products
P.O. Box 1521
Newburgh. MY 12551-1521

Dear Martin:

I would like to thank you and your company for exceptional service, product, and value- Your
ingenuity helped on a project where errors would have been costly,

The fan motor and the ventilator operated very quietly and fit like a glove. Just by the took of the system I can tell it will operate for many years. Installing the 44 vent systems was extremely simple and fast. The contracting officer for Ft. Leonard Wood made the comment at each installation inspection "are the fans on? I can't hear them". That is what I wanted to hear. He was also pleased that the ventilator met the minimum CFM specifications without the motors on.

I hope the design you created, opens the door to a new market in forced air ventilation.

Again thank you for a good American product. The Troops at Ft Leonard Wood thank you for no
bad fumes.

Thomas M. Knepshield
Vice President

Customer Testimonial # 4:

Randal Sweet
August 4, 2005

I am impressed with the Aura Ventilator with damper that I ordered.   I have the Aura Ventilator installed over one end of my house on a one story ranch home.  The roof is gable type with only gable vents at each end.  On one of the hottest days of the year, 95 degrees, I took my Infrared Thermometer from Radio Shack and tested the temperature just under the Aura Ventilator.  It was 98 degrees.   I had also improved the ventilation at the eaves so the Aura Ventilator could draw air from below.  I went to the other end of the attic where there is inadequate ventilation at the eaves and only the gable vent.  The reading was 115 degrees.  Guess which end of the house below felt warmer.  In addition it was a windy day with the wind coming and going.  My wife like incense occassionaly and I used one of the incense sticks to see if the Aura Ventilator really did suck air out of the roof.  When the wind kicked up outside the slowly rising incense smoke just disappeared.  This meant the draft was enough to rob all of the smoke from the stick.  When the wind died down the smoke went back to a steady updraft.  Like you said no moving parts just a good design.  By the way, the damper was wide open on that hot day so it too works just like you said it would.  Thanks AVP I will be ordering more products.
Randal Sweet  

Customer Testimonial # 5:

373 EAST 14 IST ST.
MOTT HAVEN 5-102 0

December 13, 1990

To whom it may concern,

I have had the venturi ventilator installed in the apartments at the Mott Haven Housing units and confirm that the vent performs admirably. The mold and mildew problems that we were experiencing have cleared up and the air quality has improved to the point that the tenants no longer have any complaints about the mustiness or mold.

The installation was quick and easy, and to my knowledge, there is no product at any price that can perform its function as effectively.

We intend on installing the Thinking Venturi Ventilator in all or most of the apartments in our complex, and highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in combatting mold, mildew, bad air quality, and complaining tenants.

Yours truly, nycha sig1



J. Dorgan,

Customer Testimonial # 6:

BR00KLYN, N. Y. 11212

December 6, 1990

To whom it may concern,

We have installed the THINKING VENTURI VENTILATOR into our apartments. We are very pleased with the results of said product and would like to go on record that the VENTURI performs to our satisfaction as described, namely:

I. The apartment windows in which the venturi was installed are bone dry.

2. The condensation which was apparent on the windows prior to the installation of these venturis has disappeared completely.

3. The air quality of the apartments has improved so much so that each apartment dweller has stated that they are breathing and/or sleeping better, which means that the odors from day to day living are being expelled without direct infiltration of outside air.

4. Mold and mildew which were a constant problem in the apartments has not returned, and the mold that was previously present has become inactive and dry.

5. The venturi is maintenance free and we, the Superintendent's office, do not have to adjust or bother with product.

6. The installation is quick and easy.

7. We have no fear about tampering or vandalism in the apartments since the windows are always closed.

We invite all those who are interested in seeing the apartments to our complex, and would be glad to put our name among the endorsers of the product.

Very truly yours, nycha sig2



Fred Hecker
Superintendent, Brownsville Houses

Customer Testimonial # 7:
I’m so elated with my new Aura Solar Ventilators!!!!!

Please post this on you site so other misguided consumers can have a real view of these wonderful new vents. It really works!!! These were just installed right before the gas hikes, so the summer time will be trickier to gauge, but definitely this winter, I see the difference. I’ve NOT had to put my heater on at all!!!! My temperature remained at 69.7 through these cold spells, and we’ve even had snow here in Louisiana, and that’s cold for us.

Whatever I can do to save utility costs without spending an arm and a leg, are the areas, I’m looking for, and this was a great decision for me. I bought 4 of these for my roof, and my living square footage is around 2000 sq. ft. You know the ole saying, “You got to spend money to save money”, well, at least, it’s not your arm and a leg, and I feel it probably has already paid for itself!!!

Before, I had those horrible “whirly-bird turbines” and couldn’t understand why my bills were so high. The “whirly-bird turbines”, works backwards….They don’t spin in the summer and spin in the winter, I call this system a “Backward System”!!!!! I even called our La. Source for saving energy, and this guy even told me, they didn’t believe in the ventilators!!!! I guess not, because he would be out of a job!!!! I’m glad I used my own gut instinct on this one!!!! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, cause I’ve already done myself a favor….I’m gonna save money!!!!!!!

Peggy VanArsdale
Lafayette, La.

Customer Testimonial # 8:
Aug 13, 2009
Your Aura Ventilators have significantly lowered the upstairs temperatures in our house since they were installed at the beginning of this summer!

As I promised some months back, I gave several of the brochures you sent to the roofer who installed our ventilators [and I told his boss and also his foreman earlier, that those crappy 8" flat vents they put in roofs simply don't do the job]; as promised, I gave the rest of the brochures this morning to a neighbor who has three of those 8 inch flat vents in his roof, and who says that even with a ceiling fan and another fan blowing on him at night, he's still "miserable" trying to sleep. He will share those brochures with the contractor who is starting to build his new deck today. Anyway, you have a fine product and I'm happy to spread the word.

Jeremy Wild
811 Sherwood Way
Emporia, KS 66801
P.S. We have had some monsoonal rains this summer (40-60 mph winds, etc.), and nary a drip from those ventilators.

Customer Testimonial # 9:
Nov. 16, 2009
We have had a 17'x10' cabin in the garden now for 9 years, purpose built to house a hot tub with a shower and toilet.  It was built as a solid garden room with double glazing, underfloor heating and insulated double thickness roof and walls, but it soon became clear that it was too well insulated and we were having condensation problems, even when the hot tub wasn't on. 

We had fitted an extractor fan from the outset but it could not cope.  We added extra ventilation grills on the walls, and it was still bad, getting much worse when we had to turn off the underfloor heating as it was too expensive to run.  The whole dynamics changed, exacerbated by felling the conifer trees that previously shaded the building from the sun for most of the day. 

It was "raining" condensation from the roof, even after we installed a dehumidifier as high up on the wall as we could get it.  The apex was still dripping water and the tongue and groove boards were popping out. 

Having decided we needed a wind turbine vent I started looking around and found that they are not around over here, so followed Google to the US where I found the Aura Vents.  I spoke to Martin several times on the phone about the best sizes and he was very helpful but a little unsure that the vent would be able to deal with the steam from the hot tub.

We eventually bought a 12" telescopic vent for the cabin, and added a 6" vent for the shed, which also suffered from being unventilated and got very stuffy and musty smelling.  A neighbour who is  a carpenter fitted them both easily and repaired the ceiling at the same time.  We trimmed the flange on the large vent to look a little like a porthole so that it was more decorative. 

I have to say that cutting a 12" hole in the roof was a little scary but I wish we had known about these vents 9 years ago as it has cured all the problems with no leaks!  We have now disconnected the fan and sold the dehumidifier on eBay, and the cabin is well aired with no condensation, whatever the temperature outside. 

When the hot tub is on, there has always been an inversion layer of steam which used to take a long while to clear but now it disperses very quickly and the room stays dry.  Even the shower curtain now dries out properly instead of "stewing" and going mouldy.  

We are so impressed with these vents, and the problems we had have been cured for a very small outlay, plus the electricity bill has gone down sharply.  We would thoroughly recommend them, especially for dealing with hot tub enclosures. 

Janet and Thomas McPherson, Bath England

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