Comparison Study:
Aura Ventilator vs.
Turbine Ventilators

Advantages of the Aura Ventilator:
  • NO moving parts

  • Can replace turbine ventilators when turbine base is a fixed mount on roof

  • Fixed profile

  • Different collar lengths

  • Greater curb appeal

  • NO balancing

  • Less time for installation

  • The 21st Century vent

  • NO rain or snow infiltration
Disadvantages of Turbine Vents:
  • Insert or animal entrance when frozen

  • Rain & snow infiltration when no motion

  • Bearing replacement

  • Noisy when bearings are worn

  • Climbing on roof to replace worn-out unit - liability from a fall

  • Blow off in high winds

  • No curb appeal to industrial commercial looks

  • Bends very easily
The Aura Retro-Fit is a popular choice for replacing old turbine ventilators, which are notorious mechanical problems like noise and vibration when the bearings start to go, inevitably. Repairing the turbine can be dangerous, requiring crawling on to icy rooftops to replace the worn bearings. Turbine vents typically fly off in hurricane winds, and have to be removed beforehand.

By contrast, Aura vents have no moving parts, and are made of rust-proof aluminum, so there is no vibration and no noise. Installation is quick and easy, not even requiring leveling. There is no rain or snow leakage and they will not blow off in high winds.

The Aura Retro-fit allows you to easily replace your outmoded turbine ventilator with an Aura Vent, for efficient ventilation with the hassle.

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