Comparison Study:
Aura Ventilator vs.
Turbine Ventilators

Advantages of the Aura Ventilator:
  • Ventilates dynamically over the years without fail

  • Will always keep out rain and snow

  • Will always keep out insects, rodents & birds

  • Tested to wind pressure equivalent to wind speeds of 200 mph

  • No maintenance necessary

  • Low profile
Disadvantages of Turbine Vents:
  • Ventilation capacity diminishes as the bearings wear out and vibrate

  • When the turbine louvers slow down due to wear and tear, rain and snow may enter the roof

  • When the turbine eventually ceases it may let in insects, rodents and birds

  • Not tested to 200 mph

  • Climbing on a roof to replace a worn-out turbine is dangerous

  • Very tall profile
The Aura Ventilator Retro-Fit is a popular choice for replacing old turbine ventilators, which are notorious for mechanical problems like noise and vibration when bearings start to go bad. Repairing the turbine vent can be dangerous, requiring crawling on roofs that can be hot in the summer or icy in the winter only to replace those faulty turbine parts. Turbine vents typically fly off the roof with hurricane force winds resulting in the home or building owner to have to climb onto the roof again before a storm only to remove the turbine vent and replace it with a storm cap. The Aura Ventilator is maintenance free, and does not need to be removed from the roof like a turbine vent does for wind storms. The Aura Ventilator can be installed on any type of roof and can handle any pitch and does not need an adjustable base because unlike the turbine vent, the Aura Ventilator does not need to be leveled.

You can easily install this roof vent without tearing apart your old roof vent off your roof. The Aura Retro-Fit will fit over your existing turbine ventilator’s base or pipe. Once the Aura Vent is mounted you can secure it with self-tapping sheet metal screws. The Aura Ventilator’s superior design surpasses other attic vents, turbine vents, static vents, gravity ventilators, roof vents and other round gravity roof ventilators for attic ventilation and roof ventilation. Like the turbine ventilator, the Aura Ventilator has accelerated ventilation from wind even though it has no moving parts. Additionally, during times when wind is not present this roof vent will still provide attic ventilation because of the stack effect allowing hot air to escape through the roof. To learn more please click here

The Aura Ventilator has been wind pressure tested to the equivalence of wind speeds reaching 200mph to the standards of Texas Insurance. For test results, please click here. This roof vent also, with its louver design, prevents any wind driven rain or snow from entering the attic. The Aura Vent is a gravity ventilator that’s louvers additionally prevents insects, birds or rodents from entering and can act as an ember arrestor in the event of a forest fire. For information on California fire code, please click here.

Unlike turbine vents the Aura Ventilator has three cylinders of slotted louvers. The first one is located on the outside perimeter; the second one is on the inside against the outer cylinder. When air moves against the louvers of the outer cylinder it is directed in such a manner to create a circular airflow. The louvers of the inner cylinder face in the same direction as the air movement created by the outside cylinder. This air movement creates a “Venturi Effect” producing a vacuum or negative pressure, which exhausts the air from the attic to produce attic ventilation and roof ventilation. To view animation please click here.

The third cylinder of louvers, the inner most one, prevents contaminants from entering the attic. This louver design is better than insect screen. Other roof vents that have insect screen will have air flow reduced by 50% - 60% and the net free air inches of the roof vents are diminished with insect screen as well. A vent’s net free air inches with louvers are protected because the opening of the louvers is equal to or exceeds the throat opening of the roof vent.

The Aura Retro-Fit Ventilator is made of heavy gauge aluminum and is available in 4” inches in diameter through 48” inches in diameter.

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