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Feedback From Georgia

This letter is to commend you and your company on building an excellent product. A couple of years ago I purchased a 40″ Conex Box (Steel Shipping Container) that the supplier had installed one of your solar vents (ASF-12-C4) on the roof along with a couple of ordinary eave vents in the doors to allow fresh air in. I have a lot of valuable equipment stored in this container and the solar ventilator has always kept the temperature down and eliminated any problems associated with moisture / humidity. I live in South Georgia, in a very high humidly environment, not to mention the summertime days in excess of 100 degrees. We have extreme temperature shifts & the day can start out with frost on the ground and by late afternoon the temperatures may be in the high 60’s or low 70’s & were talking about temperature shifts of 30 & 40 degrees in several hours. These extreme shifts can cause extreme moisture / humidity problems especially when dealing with a steel container.

Recently I purchased a smaller 20″ steel shipping container and it was full of additional equipment. I hadn’t been in the container storage unit for some time, but when I did enter it, I was horrified at the damage from moisture and humidity. It was then I realized the importance of the solar ventilation unit on the original container. As I write this letter, I am ordering an additional solar ventilation unit, same as the original one for this container unit. Had I ordered and installed one when I first purchased the container storage unit, I would have been hundreds of dollars ahead and not have all of the damage I now have.

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