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Feedback From Benson, AZ.

Why do people love our products? Efficient, Effective, and Easy Install!

Check out this success story from a customer who was happy about the maintenance-free design of our vents as well as the step-by-step instructions that made for an easy install:

I installed 4 12″ aura roof vents with shingle roof mounting kits (and numerous soffit vents) to ventilate my home’s attic.
Installation was straightforward and the instructions on your website were all I needed to complete the project. I like the simplicity and maintenance-free aspects of the design. My goal was to reduce summer attic temperatures and save on cooling costs. Since installing them I have noticed a decrease in temperature and increased circulation in the attic. The picture shows the 3 I installed on the main portion of the house.

Gravity Ventilator - Aura Ventilator AV-12-C2-Far

Read about another customer who was able to immediately notice a 2 degree reduction in her home just after installation

Edward Bernstein

Edward Bernstein

IT Director of Active Ventilation Products since September 2017.