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Universal Dormer roof exhaust vent, and as a soffit/eave intake vent

Universal Dormer Vent exhaust and roof top intake

Aura Ventilator exhaust with Pop Vent intake

Aura Ventilator exhaust with Soffit intake

diagram of intake and exhaust systems in an attic. Aura Vent exhaust, soffit intakes

Hot air rises. By working with this fundamental physical principle, there are several ways to ensure that your roof is well ventilated all year round. In the summer, attic ventilation will keep the attic space cooler, which will save energy and cool off the whole house. In the winter, moisture will rise into the attic with warm and moist air from the building, and condense when that air is cooled through contact with the cold air in the unheated attic. This moisture if not vented will linger, collect into water which can rot wood, insulation, or other building materials it comes in contact with. In any season, venting requires an intake of air from as low as is practical in the attic space, so that as exhaust roof vent high in the attic space will have a flow of air to allow warmer moist air to escape easily and quickly, before it has an opportunity to condense.