Roof Vents Product Model: ASF-24-C08-CMF

To earn a UL certification, the entire manufacturing process, from material selection to product design, has to meet strict guidelines and pass rigorous tests. All testing for AVP's Keepa Vent, Round Back Vent, and Universal Vent were conducted by UL at their testing facilities in Northbrook, IL. The testing protocol was to pass the requirements for the Florida Building Code and the Texas Department of Insurance. The test conducted was the E330 pressure test.
This test reconstructs simulated high wind environments to examine the performance of the roof vents under extreme conditions up to 230 MPH.
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ASF-24-C08-CMF Specs Emperial Metric
Fan Count (Solar Only): 16 n/a
Total Fan Wattage: 55.68 n/a
Solar Power CFM: 1173 n/a
Total CFM Output @0.1 SP: 2971 n/a
Fan Dimensions (MM): 120 x 120 x 25mm (l x w x h) n/a
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing n/a
Fan Speed RPM: 2200 n/a
Noise Level in dBa: 25 n/a
Air Flow in CFM: 81 n/a
Rated Voltage in DC: 12 n/a
Rated Current in Amps: 0.3 n/a
Power Consumption in Watts: 3.6 n/a
Life Hours: 40000 n/a
Solar Panel Specs
Watt: 60 n/a
Operating Voltage: 17 n/a
Maximum Voltage: 12 n/a
Operating Temp: -40°C to 85°C n/a
Power Tolerance: +10%/-5% n/a
Cells: Polycrystalline silicon solar cells n/a
Number of Cells: 36 n/a
Module Dimension: 755mm[30.20in.]x670mm[26.38in.]x30mm[1.18in.] n/a
Solar Panel Weight: 6.7kg[14.77lbs] n/a
Vent Specs
Inside Diameter: 24” 60.96 cm
Outside Diameter (Width of Vent Head): 29” 73.66 cm
Flat Flange (Length x Width): 30” 76.2 cm
Height of Head: 13” 33.02 cm
Collar Height: 8” 20.32 cm
Total Height with Collar: 21” 53.34 cm
Minimum Pitch Capacity: 0/12 n/a
Maximum Pitch Capacity (Standard Vent): 4/12 n/a
Maximum Pitch Capacity (Modified): 12/12 n/a
Free Air Space (sq. inches): 452 sq in 2916.13 sq cm
Free Air Space (sq. feet): 3.14 sq ft 0.292 sq m
Wind CFM
4 MPH: 558 n/a
5.2 MPH: 572 n/a
7.4 MPH: 877 n/a
9.8 MPH: 987 n/a
11 MPH: 1128 n/a

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