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Use our CFM calculators and charts to determine how many vents you need for your project.

AV Diameters

Enter the length and width (in feet) or total square footage of your building in the fields below to determine how many vents are required based on the 1/150 or 1/300 Rule. This calculator is for the EXHAUST HALF ONLY. If an intake ventilator is needed, just double the amount of vents. For example, if 2 AV-14 are needed and inlet vents are needed, then an additional 2 PV-14 vents would be required

PV Diameters

UV Diameters

AF Diameters

KV Diameters

To earn a UL certification, the entire manufacturing process, from material selection to product design, has to meet strict guidelines and pass rigorous tests. All testing for AVP's Keepa Vent, Round Back Vent, and Universal Vent were conducted by UL at their testing facilities in Northbrook, IL. The testing protocol was to pass the requirements for the Florida Building Code and the Texas Department of Insurance. The test conducted was the E330 pressure test. 
This test reconstructs simulated high wind environments to examine the performance of the roof vents under extreme conditions up to 230 MPH.
Model Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Standard Height Collar Height Free Area (Sq. Inches) Weight (Lbs.)
KV-4 4” 7.125” 15” 11” 12 sq in 1.5 lbs.
KV-6 6” 9.25” 15” 11” 28 sq in 2 lbs.
KV-8 8” 11.5” 15” 11” 50 sq in 3 lbs.
KV-10 10” 14.5” 15” 11” 78 sq in 3.5 lbs.
KV-12 12” 16.125” 15” 11” 113 sq in 4.5 lbs.

More Info:

The Keepa Vent, will alleviate moisture in the winter and heat in the summer to extend the life of the roof and building structure. Its round concentric head and standard 11 inch collar height is best used for flat roof attic spaces as an air intake or exhaust roof vent. Manufactured one piece corrosion resistant aluminum construction makes the Keepa Vent easy to install. The vent head is removable to allow access for an easy rubber boot installation for membrane roofs. The 11 inch standard collar is excellent for locations that accumulate high levels of snow falls and the round design is aerodynamic to with stand wind speeds up to 200 mph. Proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A, the Keepa Vent has proven to be an excellent and economical choice for a flat roof application.

  • It's built-in inner vertical louver cylinder has a 1/8th inch opening between louver blades that will keep out insect, birds, and animals while allowing air to move through the vent without resistance
  • 1/8th inch opening between the louver blades and all aluminum ("noncombustible") material meets the requirements of California building code 706A.2 Vents to resist the intrusion of burning embers and flame through ventilation openings.

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