February 27th 2017, Newburgh, NY – Active Ventilation Products Inc. (AVP) is proud to announce its twentieth year as a leading designer and manufacturer of roof vents. As an independent company, AVP has proven itself to be among the foremost innovators within the roof ventilation industry; selling to national chain distributors across the US as well as to major online retailers. Some distributors are Homedepot.com, Walmart.com, Ebay.com, and Amazon.com.

AVP began operations in February 1997 when the Kolts' released the Aura Ventilator™. This was the industry’s first roof ventilator that moves air like a turbine but has no moving parts. The Aura Vent, a patented design by Stanley Kolt (Martin and Ethan’s father), provides customers a durable, no maintenance, rust-free aluminum roof vent. It is engineered to surpass traditional turbine vents. Turbine vents have issues with their aging bearings. This then causes its function and weather protection to diminish over time, whereas the Aura Ventilator does not. The Aura Vent’s patented louver design creates the Venturi Effect. This is accomplished when wind passes through the louvers, causing the air to spin; thus creating suction which pulls heat and moisture out from the attic.

The company is led by the original founders, brothers Martin and Ethan Kolt, and has maintained its privately-held ownership. This has allowed the company to control many key strategic decisions.

AVP since 1997
“Being able to manage the entire process in-house from product design to production has been a cornerstone of our success over the past 20 years.”

Says AVP’s founder, Martin Kolt. “We have over 200 metalworking machines, a full spinning department, a tool and die department. In addition, we also have our own powder coating system, housed in a 63,000 sq. foot building in Newburgh, New York. We are proud to be among the few companies who still manufacture and assemble products in America”. Says Kolt who remembers starting out with only a handful of employees. AVP now employs over 40 workers full-time and considers going to a second shift by the third quarter of 2017. That is to say, we are steadily growing to provide ventilation to all of America.

The early success of AVP’s flagship product, the Aura Vent, was an indicator of a growing demand for quality made roof vents. “Our company is highly focused on innovation – we are able to launch and refine product lines with our in-house team very easily, which helps us maintain a competitive edge within the market,” Today, AVP’s portfolio has expanded to include: Solar Fans, Electric Fans, Roof Louvers, Residential and Commercial Roof Vents, Dormer Vents, Soffit Vents, Vent Caps, Curb Mount Flanges & Roof Curbs in addition to other roof accessories.

As an ongoing commitment to quality, AVP is in the process of certifying all products lines with Underwriter Laboratories (UL). “Being UL certified will assist in guaranteeing our products' specifications will be upheld. We want prospective and existing clients to have an even stronger sense of confidence in our products in the years to come,” states Kolt. AVP provides architects, engineers, contractors, distributors and homeowners with economical ways to properly ventilate both commercial and residential structures. Above all, we are here to provide proper attic ventilation for all roofing systems. 

For any questions, email the sales team at [email protected] or call at 1-800-ROOFVENT

Martin Kolt
President & Founder
Active Ventilation Products, Inc.
[email protected]

ABOUT: Active Ventilation Products, Inc. (AVP), originally founded in 1997, is a designer and manufacturer of roof exhaust and intake vents, solar attic fans, roof exhaust fans, vent pipe rain caps, pvc vent caps, roof curbs and curb mount accessories. Based in Newburgh, New York, AVP manufactures and assembles all products in their 63,000 sq. ft. factory. The company sells domestically as well as internationally to architects, contractors, distributors, homeowners and online suppliers. Above all, for more information, please visit roofvents.com or call 800-roofvents (800-766-3836). 

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