Apollo 11 Replica Ventilated with the Pop Vent

The Pop Vent is more than a roof vent; it's also a cool way to ventilate a really fun art project. Los Angeles-based composer, Chad Fischer, built a replica Apollo 11 Space Capsule in his garage during quarantine. This incredibly beautiful and realistic model is now a playhouse for his daughter.

Chad installed the Pop Vent to ensure that his child played in a safe well-ventilated space. He also knowingly chose The Pop Vent because of its aerodynamic shape; he knew it would make for a great looking installation.  

AVP's vents can withstand wind speeds in excess of 200 mph while also keeping out wildlife, insects and rain. As a result, the pop vent will protect the playhouse for years to come. 

To the right, you see images of this one-of-a-kind playhouse as well as part of the assembly process. 

  • Pop Vent installed on Apollo Simulator
  • Pop Vent installed on Apollo Simulator
  • Assembly
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