active ventilation products celebrates 21 years
Ethan is on the left and Martin is on the right

On April 13th, 2016 my brother, Martin Kolt, and I, Ethan Kolt, bought the 311 1st street building.  

The picture above is Martin and I celebrating by having a toast right after the closing of the building.

What a monumental day that was for us. It took so many years for us to be able to purchase this 63,000 square foot building in Newburgh, New York.  

They say when you are an entrepreneur or business owner you take risks; well let me tell you as a person who craves predictability in his life that this endeavor has been nothing short of non-stop risks.

You have to sell a lot of roof vents to purchase a huge commercial building. This is not an easy feat, and at times seems impossible (or crazy). But at the end of the day, after a few cuts and bruises, we made it.

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