What are the biggest challenges in roof vents? The ventilation on your roof is going to face the most challenging environment that your property has to offer. Rain and snow are just the beginning. High winds can not only knock off any moving parts; it can carry branches, wires, and even burning embers from nearby fires. Almost all AVP vents have been UL certified allowing them to withstand wind speeds of 200+ mph.

The most important aspect of attic ventilation is the proper balance between exhaust and intake air. Where the intake and exhaust vents are on the roof is critical to the success of any ventilation product. Exhaust vents should be towards the peak of the roof while intake should be lower. This will allow proper circulation of air. 

Whether you are working on new construction or renovating an old house or restaurant, AVP is here to be your expert in the field of roof vents.

AVP wants your ventilation to work. We are available to discuss your project, and make sure you have the proper balance of intake and exhaust ventilation.

Exhaust - Intake diagram
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