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Intake Vent With Exhaust Vent On Commercial Flat Roof

Challenges in Roof Vents

What are the biggest challenges in roof vents? The ventilation you place on your roof is going to face with the most challenging environment that your property has to offer. Rain and snow are just the beginning. High winds can…

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Gravity Roof Ventilator

Roof Vents For Sale!

Maybe you leave the choice to your Architect. Maybe you leave it up to your contractor, or a friend who is helping with some attic renovation. Maybe it doesn't seem that important, with every thing else that needs to be…

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Karaoke Night - Team Building With Active Ventilation

Karaoke Night!

June 8th 2017, Newburgh, NY – Active Ventilation Products Inc. (AVP) hosted Karaoke Night for their employees at Max's on Main in Beacon, NY. Owners and founders of AVP, brothers Martin and Ethan Kolt, wanted a way to show appreciation…

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