Were your vents destroyed by squirrels, raccoons, or other critters? Are they beyond repair? Replace them with our durable, rust-free, all-aluminum Universal Vents! Can be for either intake or exhaust depending on placement. They will also work for off ridge or parapet wall ventilation. See this customer’s testimonial below:

“We spoke earlier about cheap aluminum vents I have that are being destroyed by some critters. Attached is a picture of one of the vents. The size of the vent is 4″ high by 16″ long. I can live with something as high as 5″ (as the clapboard is about 5″).

I live in the Chicago area. What would you suggest that will prevent the squirrels or raccoons from destroying the vent?”

Martin’s reply:
“I think that the Universal Vent would be the best product for you.”

Jim replies:
“I got them. Painted both of them with Rustoleum “putty” color which matches almost perfectly. Installed one of them (the one where the squirrels destroyed the original) and it went on perfectly – see attached photos, before and after. Thanks for the help.”

Universal vent before
Universal vent after
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