"The roof vent/skylight worked great for the four years it was installed.  It was in the ceiling of an interior bath and it provided light and natural ventilation.  The ceiling was masonry, about 9″ thick.  No problems with leaking.  Last year we did have to remove it because we added a second floor to the clinic.  It was not needed in the new roof, so we didn’t reinstall it.  It was a great product, perfect for the application."

Aura Roof vents in Haiti
Aura Roof vents in Haiti

The Aura Gravity Ventilator works like a roof turbine but with no moving parts.

The 1/8 inch louvers are designed to prevent rain, snow, insects and animals from entering inside the vent.

Additionally, Aura Gravity Vents are UL Listed and rated up to 50+ PSF or wind pressure above 200 MPH.  Certified by Texas Department of InsuranceFlorida State Approved & Conforms to the Standards of CALFIRE.

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