"Some while ago you asked me for pictures of our solar attic fan.  As you can tell, I painted around the fan (as well as a fair portion of our roof) with white UV reflective paint as well. The solar attic fan made a noticeable difference in our hot Maryland summer last year. 

We found that often we would only have to open the windows at night and the fan would help keep the house cool enough for us to skip using air conditioning all together.  Thank you.”

Aura Solar fan makes noticeable difference
Aura Solar fan makes noticeable difference

The Aura Solar Fan uses both solar and wind to power the ventilator. It exhausts air continuously even when there is no sun and the motor is off. It works passively because of the Venturi Effect. When wind blows against the outer louvers this creates an upward draft which allows air to freely flow in and out of the vent. This Attic Fan is also available with optional Shut-Off Switch.

The 1/8 inch louvers are designed to prevent rain, snow, insects and animals from entering inside the fan.

For any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-ROOFVENT. If you are looking to determine the pitch of your roof, see the Roof Pitch Diagram.

The Aura Solar Fan comes in an array of diameters and collar heights allowing for installation in any climate zone. See the Climate Zone Chart to determine the proper collar height for installation in your area.

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