Roof Vents Made in the USA: Get Great Roof Vents that Work Efficiently While Supporting Local Businesses!

"I was glad I found you when I searched for roof ventilation products. Not only do your Aura vents work effectively without allowing moisture into the attic, but I was glad to be able to support a local business – I live in Stormville, NY, about 20 miles away.

I just wanted to send you these photos showing you how I installed the vents on my roof back in June. I used a vent as a template and spray painted inside it to define the cut out on my roof. Talk about simple – I didn’t have to struggle to see a pencil or chalk line.

As a DIYer I completed the installation, including cleanup, in just over 3 hours. Make sure the shingles are warm and take your time peeling the upper shingles back to prepare for inserting the vent base, then apply some sealant and nails and the job is done.

I now have enough ventilation to run the whole house fan I installed and as an added benefit I noticed that the upstairs ceilings no longer seem to radiate heat into the rooms – even on days when I don’t run the fan!"

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