Better Quality Roof Vents in a Larger Variety

AVP delivers commercial, industrial, and residential products – factory direct! We serve engineers, roofers, DIYs, and homeowners. Offering a variety of sizes from 4 inch diameters to 48 inches. We also build vent collars as high as 12 inches. Our vents are durable, rust-free, and stand the test of hurricane wind speeds without leaks. Whatever your needs, big or small, we’ve got quality roof vents that are easy to install.

Check out this testimonial below from a customer who knows that Active Ventilation is the way to go. Featured in the image is our Aura Roof Ventilator

"I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt actions in keeping my roof project on time. They were very easy to install even with metal shingles. I expect them to work great in the hot muggy summers here in Texas. They are a solid product, and I expect them to hold up well in adverse weather conditions. The big box stores have nothing on your unique product. The also arrived in great shape."

Quality Roof Vents On A Metal Shingle Install
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