The Aura Attic Fan is for efficiency and energy saving.

"Thanks for your help!"
-the Kutzler family

The Aura Attic Fan exhausts air for proper attic ventilation. This fan will exhaust air continuously even when the motor is off. It also works passively because of the Venturi Effect. This occurs when the wind blows against the outer louver to create an upward draft. As a result, allowing air to freely flow in and out. AVP's Attic Fans remove hot humid air during the summer and moist damp air during the winter. This not only keeps the insulation dry but will lengthen the life of the roof.

These attic fans have vertical louvers that prevent rain and snow from entering. The louvers will also keep out insects and animals. As a result, this keeps the fan clean which allows maximum airflow without resistance. In addition, this fan has a removable top which makes it easy for maintenance on the unit. The Aura Attic Fan is available with a Curb Mount Flange for easy installation on a Roof Curb. As a result, this gives the vent head extra clearance allowing for installation in all climate zones. 

Testimonials - Image Of Attic Fan Submitted From A Customer
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