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The Aura Gravity Roof Ventilator  removes heat from the attic in the summer and in the winter. This allows for year-round ventilation. It functions like a spinning roof turbine but without any moving parts. Aura Gravity Ventilators rely on the Venturi Effect when wind blows against the outer louvers. As a result, this creates an upward draft allowing air to freely flow in and out of the vent. Even the smallest breeze can create exhaust ventilation so that air is drawn out of the gravity vent. 

The Aura Gravity Ventilator works like a roof turbine but with no moving parts.

The 1/8 inch louvers are designed to prevent rain, snow, insects and animals from entering inside the vent.

The Aura Gravity Ventilator comes in an array of diameters and collar heights allowing for installation in any climate zone. See the Climate Zone Chart to determine the proper collar height for installation in your area. In other words, this vent can be used for both flat and sleep sloped roofs. It has been engineered to be used for both residential and commercial buildings. However, if you are looking to ventilate a duct, we offer vents with a tailpipe adapter.

Aura Gravity Vents are UL Listed and rated up to 50+ PSF or wind pressure above 200 MPH.  Certified by Texas Department of InsuranceFlorida State Approved & Conforms to the Standards of CALFIRE.

Aura Vent in Woodside, CA
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