For the purpose of establishing credit with Active Ventilation Products, the undersigned guarantees the business and financial information below to be correct and complete to the best of my/our knowledge and authorize any credit investigation needed for verification of such. Furthermore I/we authorize the companies listed in this application to release necessary information to Active Ventilation Products.

List three principal suppliers with whom you have maintained credit
for a minimum of one year







Bank References

Bank Name

Address, City, State & Zip


Account Number



Sales or Use Tax

If exempt, please email certification to

The buyer understands and agrees that, should this property be used for any purpose which isn't exempt, the Buyer assumes liability and will pay and all applicable Sales or Use Tax. This shall continue in force until revoked by

In the Event of Default
I/we hereby agree to the terms, Net 30 days, unless otherwise stated. Any balance over 30 days is subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum). The undersigned hereby agrees that should a credit account be opened, and in the event of default in payment of any amount due, and collection process needs to be excersized, the undersigned is to pay all reasonable charges for collection, including, but not limited to, collection agency feeds, attorney feeds and court costs.

Continuing Guarantee
In consideration of the extension of credit granted by Active Ventilation Products, I hereby personally, individually and unconditionally guarantee payment of whatever amount, which at any time shall be owing to Active Ventilation Products on account of goods and / or services delivered, after the date hereof. This is a continuing guarantee relating to any indebtedness, including that arising under successive transactions, which shall either continue to indebtedness or from time to time renew it after it has been satisfied. This guarantee shall be perpetual as to any indebtedness incurred before written notice is received by Active Ventilation Products that I am unwilling to guarantee any additional indebtedness on this account. I understand and agree to pay a 1.5% per month deliquency and finance chare applied to any balance outstanding 30 days or more, computed on a daily basis. Deliquency and finance charges will not however, exceed the maximum allowed by state or federal law.