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Soffit Vents

Attic air intake ventilation.
Our Soffit Vents are corrosion resistant because of its all aluminum construction. It is rust free and very durable (22 gauge – 0.025″ inch aluminum). The 1/8th inch opening between the louver blades will keep out insects, birds, and animals, thus allowing the air to move through the vent without resistance. Easy to install and available in select colors. Will keep a long lasting, clean appearance.

Vent Length10" Width
10" LengthSV-W10-L10
18" LengthSV-W10-L18
25" LengthSV-W10-L25
33" LengthSV-W10-L33
40" LengthSV-W10-L40
48" LengthSV-W10-L48
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