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Round Back Solar Attic Fan

The small, low profile design of the Round Back Solar Fan looks great for sloped, shingle roofs and ventilates using both solar and wind power.
Even during evenings and cloudy days when the solar panel is not hit by sunlight, the inner and outer vertical louvers around the fan allow air to exhaust passively. The inner louver design of the vent also prevents rain and snow from entering, unlike typical turbine vents that are open to the sky. The louvers keep out insects and animals as well. This works more effectively than an insect screen, which tends to clog up and reduce air flow. Its all aluminum construction means the vent will not rust, is lightweight, and will have a long lasting clean appearance. The Round Back Solar is also available in a selection of colors, to match your building materials.

Diameter2" Collar
8 in. for Shingle RoofRBSF-8-C2
Solar Attic Fans - Aluminum Round Back Solar Fan in Black, on Shingle Roof