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Aura Gravity PVC Pipe Cap | 10″ Diameter AV-10-PVC


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Brand: Active VentilationUPC(GTIN): 843951006680 SKU: AV-10-PVC Category:
PVC Aura Vent Cap AV-10-PVC-side-1
PVC Aura Vent Cap AV-10-PVC-top-1
PVC Aura Vent Cap AV-10-PVC-black-angle
PVC Aura Vent Cap AV-10-PVC-black-top
PVC Aura Vent Cap AV-10-PVC-white-angle

Basic dimensions of the Aura Vent PVC Cap and it’s identifying attributes. Primary identifying dimensions of the PVC vent caps and fans are the diameter of the common name of the PVC Pipe it attaches to.

Inside Diameter:

10 in.
25.4 cm.

Outside Diameter:

14.5 in.
36.8 cm.

PVC Nominal Pipe Size:

10 in.
25.4 cm.

Height of Head:

6 in.
15.2 cm.

Diameter of PVC Opening:

11 in.
27.9 cm.

Added Height of PVC Adapter:

1.75 in.
4.4 cm.

Total Height of PVC Vent Cap:

7.75 in.
19.7 cm.

Louvers are the vertical openings in the vent, which facilitates the flow of air, while keeping animals, insects, debris, and embers out.  The combination of inner and outer Louvers on our signature “Aura” series of vents and fans are shaped to create a positive vacuum effect which draws air out of the vent, utilizing a physical principle known as the Venturi effect.

Louver Height (inside):

4 in.
10.2 cm.

Louver Height (outside):

4 in.
10.2 cm.

Size of opening btwn blades (inside):

0.125 in.
0.3 cm.

Size of opening btwn blades (outside):

0.25 in.
0.6 cm.

Free Air Space:

78.54 sq. in.
729.7 sq. cm.

Free Air Space:

0.545 sq. ft.
0.051 sq. m.

1:150 Ventilation Rule:

163.62 sq. ft.
15.201 sq. m.

1:300 Ventilation Rule:

327.25 sq. ft.
30.402 sq. m.

The Venturi effect stimulated by even small breezes creates a positive movement of air out of the vent without the need of any part of the vent to move. This movement of air is proportional to the wind speed, and can be measured in Cubic Feet per Minute or Cubic Meters per Minute.

4 MPH Wind:

120 CFM
Airflow in 6.4 KPH Wind: 2.83 CMM

5.2 MPH Wind:

117 CFM
Airflow in 8.4 KPH Wind: 3.31 CMM

7.4 MPH Wind:

186 CFM
Airflow in 11.9 KPH Wind: 5.27 CMM

9.8 MPH Wind:

218 CFM
Airflow in 15.8 KPH Wind8: 6.17 CMM

11 MPH Wind:

248 CFM
Airflow in 17.7 KPH Wind8: 7.02 CMM

Installation Guides Under Development. Coming Soon.

Actual Package Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 in
UPS Dimensional (Billable) Weight 15 lbs

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Aura PVC Vent Cap, 10 inch diameter exhaust vent with an adapter to fit over 10 inch PVC Pipe The Aura PVC Vent Cap, model AV-10-PVC, is the perfect solution to exhaust and cap a 10 inch schedule 40 or 10 inch schedule 80 PVC Pipe. Used for commercial and residential applications, the Aura PVC Vent Cap has an aluminum one piece spun lid that prevents rain and snow from entering the PVC pipe verses the turbine vent which is open to the sky and allows rain water to enter in “no wind” conditions. The Aura PVC Vent Cap has a patented, engineered design that continually exhausts air with no moving parts. The vertical louvers in its inner cylinder keeps insects, birds and animals from entering the PVC pipe, allowing optimal air flow and no maintenance. Made of durable and rust free aluminum, the Aura PVC Vent Cap’s round aerodynamic design can with stand harsh weather and wind forces of up to 200 mph.

The Aura PVC Vent Cap is an excellent choice for applications that need to exhaust gases and vapors. For radon exhaust systems, the Aura PVC Vent Cap’s superior exhausting optimizes the CFM for the in-line fan and eliminate back pressure to the in-line fan traditionally caused by using T-Fitting or two 90 degree elbow fittings; as well as protecting fan from moisture damage caused by rain, snow or ice entry. For environmental remediation systems, the Aura PVC Vent Cap can be used to cap the PVC pipes used to release vapors in landfills, gas stations, contaminated soil sites, chemical containment bunkers and groundwater sites. The Aura PVC Vent Cap will prevent rain, snow and ice from entering the PVC pipe which will cause water to accumulate at the bottom of the PVC pipe, saturating the soil, to reduce the vapor/gas communication. Its excellent exhaust design will keep soil, gravel and sand dry, allowing gases to be released under optimal conditions. The multi-purposed Aura PVC Vent Cap, model AV-10-PVC, is designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. Let the Aura PVC Vent Cap become your PVC pipe solution.