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Pop Vent PVC Vent Cap, 12 inch diameter air intake vent with an adapter to fit over a 12 inch PVC Pipe Pop Vent PVC Vent Cap ? model PV-12-PVC is an engineered air intake vent designed to fit over PVC pipes with its adapter. Made of rust free aluminum, the Pop Vent PVC Vent Cap is durable and can withstand strong wind forces. The Pop Vent?s external cover is engineered to keep out rain and snow while its internal louver design keeps out insects and animals. The Pop Vent PVC Vent Cap is an effective ventilator that is quick and easy to install. Proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

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Pop Vent PVC - Technical Drawing Downloads

Product LinkDrawing- Unmarked Drawing- Cutaway
PV-12-PVCdwg file icon - click to download CAD (dwg) fileunmarked drawingpdf file icon - click to download pdf file
dwg file icon - click to download CAD (dwg) fileCut Away and Measurements drawingpdf file icon - click to download pdf file

Aura Roof Vent - Installation Instructions

Product LinkInstallation Instructions - Shingled Roof - pdfInstallation Instructions- Flat Roof - pdf

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