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MTR-14 | Motor for 14″ Attic Fans

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Aura Fan Motor MTR-14-Drawing

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HVAC, 3.3 Inch Diameter Motor, PSC, 1/8 HP, 115 Volts AC, Sealed Ball Bearings, 1 Speed, 1500 RPMs, CW (clockwise) Rotation, 1.65 Amps, Rigid Mounting Bracket, Weight: 7.2lbs, Phase: 1, Open Motor, Capacitor 15 microfarad µF, Insulation Class B.


This PSC (permanent split capacitor) motor is compact, does not need maintenance and is highly efficient. This motor is mainly used for HVAC applications such as inline fans. The construction of an ODP motor consists of a sheet metal enclosure with vent stamped to allow good air flow. The vents are designed in such a way that water dripping on the motor will not normally flow into the motor. A fan is mounted on the motor’s rear shaft to pull air through the motor to keep the motor cool. But care should be taken not to use the motor in applications where the TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor is required.