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KV-08-TP | Keepa Roof Jack Vent Cap 8″ Diameter


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Brand: Active VentilationUPC(GTIN): 843951009452 SKU: KV-08-TP Category:
Commercial Keepa Roof Jack Vent Cap KV-8-TP-4-1
Commercial Keepa Roof Jack Vent Cap KV-8-TP-2
Commercial Keepa Roof Jack Vent Cap KV-8-TP-3
Commercial Keepa Roof Jack Vent Cap KV-8-TP-1
Commercial Keepa Roof Jack Vent Cap KV-8-TP-5

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Our Keepa Roof Jack is to be used in conjunction with bathroom fans, range hoods or where ever exhaust vent protection is needed for a ducted system. The Keepa Roof Jack is an excellent choice for venting out air from a ducted system is because of the aerodynamic shape and louvered design. It allows for maximum air to flow while elevating back pressure. Engineered to prohibit insects or vermin from entering the duct, the Keepa Roof Jack is also engineered to stop rain or snow from entering in all US climate zones. The Keepa’s standard 11 in. collar height is great for low slope membrane roofs that need ducted exhaust ventilation. These vents have an all-aluminum construction, which means they are durable, lightweight and WILL NOT RUST. The Keepa Vent is UL tested and certified to meet or exceed most building code standards including California Fire Code. The Keepa Roof Jack tail pipe (adapter) is approximately 2 in. in L. and is corrugated on the bottom to fit existing duct work, which makes for a quick and easy installation. Also, the head of the Keepa Roof Jack is removable, which also makes the vents installation on to the roof fast and easy adding membrane/ roofing material over the base flange and collar.

  • Tail pipe fits existing ductwork; 2 in. clearance between bottom of vent cap and flange
  • Mill finish aluminum will continually have a long lasting clean appearance
  • Net free air space, 50 sq. in. (0.35 sq. ft.)
  • Pitch capacity: 0/12 to 2/12
  • 1/8th in. opening between the louver blades and all aluminum (non-combustible) material meets the requirements of California building code 706A.2 vents to resist the intrusion of burning embers and flame through ventilation openings


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