Roof Louver Exhaust Vent

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  • 1" Collar vent models for Pitched Roof applications.
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Product Description

Active Ventilation Products' Pop Vent also known as the Roof Louver is an excellent roof vent for ventilating attic spaces on steep slope roof applications. The Roof Louver will add necessary roof top ventilation to alleviate moisture from the attic in the winter and heat in the summer. The roof louver will extend the life of the roof and overall building structure. The Roof Louver is made of heavy gauge aluminum that will not rust and The Roof Louver has been pressure tested to wind speeds of 200 mph by the standards of Texas Insurance. To view this test please click the following link.

The Roof Louver has a round concentric covered lid with louvers towards the bottom. Also the Roof Louver comes standard with a 1 inch collar (neck) adds height above the square flange (base) to allow space for roof shingles. All Roof Louver models have inner vertical louvers to keep out birds, insects and animals. Additionally, the louver design is shown to be better than insect screen which will clog up in time. Insect screen can reduce air flow by 50% to 60% percent while the Roof Louver louvers allow for 100% airflow. The Pop Vent Roof Louver is designed to be a superior gravity ventilator for attic ventilation.

The Pop Vent Roof Louver product line has proven to be the recommended choice for exhausting attic spaces and is proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.