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For years we have been working with Architects and Specifiers to ensure affordable roof ventilation that upholds building code standards.  Our passive roof vents are UL Certified, and rated to withstand wind pressure in excess of 200mph.

These are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received over the years, showing the variety of projects that our products have been used in. We’d love to see your project!

durable roof vents on a roof in Nova Scotia
Feedback from Nova Scotia

Heavy Snowfall, Rain, Hurricane Winds - Our Durable Roof Vents are Engineered and Tested for…

Flat Roof Ventilation -Quick and Easy Installation
Quick and Easy Installation Featuring Our Roof Vents! Flat Roof Ventilation in Teaneck, NJ

It only takes a few minutes to install these vents! Flat Roof Ventilation in Teaneck,…

Our Round Back Roof Vents Survive Hurricane Hermine!
Feedback from customer hit by Hurricane Hermine

Our Round Back Roof Vents Survive Hurricane, Withstanding powerful Wind Speeds without Leaks. Hurricane Hermine…

Customer photo after hurricane - no roof vents leaking!
Feedback From Florida

Are your roof vents leaking? Say no more to leaky roof vents! Our installed Aura…

Blue Aura Vent installed on a roof in the Caribbean - highly recommended
Feedback From The West Indies

Highly recommended, and look groovy too, as us old-timers used to say.. They work great,…

Our Aura Roof Vents being installed on a home in southeast Tennessee
Feedback From Chattanooga, TN

Get a Feel for the Venturi Effect: Our Passive Aura Vents are Designed to Draw…

Gravity Ventilator - Aura Ventilator AV-12-C2-Far
Feedback From Benson, AZ.

Check out this success story from a customer who was happy about the maintenance-free design…

"Quick shipping" - Aura Roof Vents installed on a flat roof in Raleigh, South Carolina.
Feedback From Raleigh, SC.

We get it, sometimes you need building materials quick. While we do manufacture your vents…