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ASF-30-C06-CMF | Aura Solar Fan Curb Mount Flange 30″ Diameter 6″ Collar


  • Optional Fan Controls

    • 20 $
    • 60 $
  • An Additional Solar Panel is optional with all solar fans. 

    • 600 $

    We need to know the type of roof (Flat or Pitched) to supply the correct brackets. 

    • $
    • $
  • A Roof Curb to Elevate the Base of the unit is available, with or without insulation. 

    • 165 $
    • 215 $
  • All our aluminum products can be painted with a durable baked-on powder coating surface finish.

    • 0 $
    • 100 $
    • 200 $

    Hover (or tap once) to show color with name, Click (or tap again) to select.

    Hover (or tap once) to show color with name, Click (or tap again) to select.

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Shipping Policy

Before 2015, Carriers used a simple formula to determine the cost of shipping based on the weight of the package and the distance the package traveled. The heavier the package and the further it was transported, the higher the cost.

However, trucks are limited by the volume of packages they can transport. Large packages that are light weight were more of a limiting factor than simply the weight of the package. Therefore they instituted a “Dimensional Weight” which is often used as the “Billable Weight” to calculate the cost of shipping. Our aluminum products are strong, durable, and naturally weather resistant. They are also lightweight relative to their shipping volume, so nearly all of our shipping costs must be calculated on the dimensional weight.

We are experienced in finding the most cost-effective shipping options available, but it takes our skilled and resourceful office staff time to find the most cost-effective transport solutions. We have boxes that can fit mutiple products, we utilize pallets when appropriate, and have several freight companies which we have built relationships with over the years. This is why we don’t commit you to a shipping charge when you select your vents, but rather take the time to find the best manual price that we can before we send you a follow-up email with the shipping quote added to the price of the vents. We appreciate your patience.

UPS Billable Weight Calculation

Installation Guides Under Development. Coming Soon.

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Side View:


Top View:


Side View with Insulation:

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Basic dimensions of the Aura Solar Fan and it’s identifying attributes. Primary identifying dimensions of vents and fans are the inside diameter of the Head, which equals the diameter of the hole being vented, and the height of the Collar which is the solid tube between the Head of the vent and the Flange which attaches to the roof.

Inside Diameter:

30 in.
76.2 cm.

Outside Diameter:

36 in.
91.4 cm.

Square Flange (side length):

34 in.
86.4 cm.

Height of Head:

12 in.
30.5 cm.

Collar Height:

6 in.
15.2 cm.

Height of Flange:

2 in.
5.1 cm.

Total Height with Collar and Flange:

21.25 in.
54 cm.

Louvers are the vertical openings in the vent, which facilitates the flow of air, while keeping animals, insects, debris, and embers out.  The combination of inner and outer Louvers on our patented “Aura” series of vents and fans are shaped to create a positive vacuum effect which draws air out of the vent, utilizing a physical principle known as the Venturi effect.

Louver Height (inside):

9 in.
22.9 cm.

Louver Height (outside):

9 in.
22.9 cm.

Size of opening btwn blades (inside):

0.5 in.
1.3 cm.

Size of opening btwn blades (outside):

0.5 in.
1.3 cm.

Expected snow and rain in your region and the pitch of the roof are the key consideration when choosing the height of the collar of your roof vents. Zones 1 and 2 are not expected to sustain significant snow packs, while zones 3-7 are likely to experience snow, possibly for weeks or months. Vent collars under 4 inches are inappropriate for flat (0/12 pitch) roofs because even heavy rain can splash water into a shorter vent.

Map of Climate Zones

Minimum Pitch Capacity:


Maximum Pitch Capacity (Standard Vent):


Maximum Pitch Capacity (Modified):


Free Air Space:

706.9 sq. in.
4560.4 sq. cm.

Free Air Space:

4.91 sq. ft.
0.456 sq. m.

1:150 Ventilation Rule:

1472.6 sq. ft.
136.8 sq. m.

1:300 Ventilation Rule:

2945.2 sq. ft.
273.6 sq. m.

The Venturi effect stimulated by even small breezes creates a positive movement of air out of the vent without the need of any part of the vent to move. This movement of air is proportional to the wind speed, and can be measured in Cubic Feet per Minute or Cubic Meters per Minute.

4 MPH Wind:

837 CFM
Airflow in 6.4 KPH Wind: 23.7 CMM

5.2 MPH Wind:

858 CFM
Airflow in 8.4 KPH Wind: 24.3 CMM

7.4 MPH Wind:

1316 CFM
Airflow in 11.9 KPH Wind: 37.26 CMM

9.8 MPH Wind:

1481 CFM
Airflow in 15.8 KPH Wind8: 41.94 CMM

11 MPH Wind:

1692 CFM
Airflow in 17.7 KPH Wind8: 47.91 CMM

Solar Fan Total Wattage:

115 Watts

Fan Count:


Solar Power Air Flow:

2360 CFM
66.83 CMM

Total Air Flow @0.1SP:

4642 CFM
131.45 CMM

Fan Dimensions:

4.7in. x 4.7 in. x 1 in.
120mm. x 120 mm. x 25 mm.

Bearing Type:

Ball Bearing

Fan Speed (RPM):

2200 RPM

Noise Levels (Decibels):

25 dBa

Rated Voltage:

12V DC

Rated Current (Amps):


Power Consumption (Watts):


Life Hours:



This is a premium exhaust fan, with a flange for easy mounting onto a roof curb, ideal for flat industrial roofs. Even when the power is off, it is activated by even a small breeze to forcefully evacuate air using the Venturi effect. All Aura Vents and fans use louver technology to keep your property safe, comfortable, and energy efficient.