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Round Back Static Roof Vent | 8″ Diameter 4″ Tall Collar RBV-8-C4

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Static Vent Round Back RBV-8-C4
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Round Back Vent - Technical Drawing Downloads

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Round Back Vent - Installation Instructions

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Florida Approval

Active Ventilation Products Round Back Vent series has been tested and approved by the State of Florida

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UL Certificate of Compliance - Round Back Vent

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This Round Back Static Vent is 8 inches in diameter and is built with a 4 inch tall collar. Engineered for all weather zones 1 through 8 as long as the roof pitch is 3/12 or greater and the exhaust vent is installed no lower than 18 inches from the peak of the roof.  This static vent can be installed down to 4 feet from the peak in climate zones 1 – 4 as long as the roof pitch is 3/12 or greater. The model RBV-8-C4 has 50 inches of Net Free Air, and its square base (flange) is 13 inches by 13 inches.

RBV-8-C4 is best used for a 3/12 to 12/12 roof pitch. This static roof vent is used for ventilating residential attics for year round ventilation. Removing radiant heat in the summer and moisture form the roof in the winter, The Round Back Static Vent helps to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Tested to withstand wind pressure exceeding 200 MPH, this static vent line is UL Certified. Has Florida Building Code, the toughest in the nation, and has The Texas Department of Insurance. The Round Back Vent fulfills California Fire Code 706A.2.  Constructed entirely out of aluminum makes this static vent line highly resistant to corrosion and will remain rust free. The roof vents lid is manufactured out of one piece of spun aluminum that prevents rain and snow from entering the static vent. Its low profile design looks pleasing on shingle roofs and it can be powder coated (Painted) in an array of colors. The powder coating finish (looks like regular paint) adheres extremely well to metal vents which ultimately add to the vents durability and long lasting clean appearance.

  • Static Vent for ventilating attic spaces or utility applications.
  • Built-in inner vertical louver cylinder has a 1/8 in. opening between louver blades that will keep out insects, birds, and animals out while allowing air to move through the vent without resistance
  • 1/8th in. opening between the louver blades and all aluminum (“noncombustible”) material meets the requirements of California fire code 706A.2 vents to resist the intrusion of burning embers and flame through ventilation openings
  • 4 in. clearance between bottom of vent cap and flange
Actual Package Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 in
UPS Dimensional (Billable) Weight 15 lbs

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