Universal Vent An Off Ridge Roof Vent

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Product Description

Active Ventilation Products’ Off Ridge Vent product line, called the Universal Vent has a low profile design like a dormer vent that looks pleasing on shingled sloped roofs and parapet walls. The Universal Vent is manufactured one piece aluminum vent making it rust free and durable to withstand harsh weather. The low profile hooded vent design and horizontal louvers will keep out rain and snow.

The Universal Vent is a multi-purposed vent that can be used as an exhaust vent or air intake vent when installed on a sloped roof. As well as an excellent choice for exhausting parapet walls. When the Universal Vent is installed below the ridge line on a sloped roof, it is engineered to exhaust air allowing heat and moisture to escape. When placed on the roof but at the low end on a sloped roof, it can be used as an air intake vent like a soffit vent. For venting parapet walls, the Universal Vent is an excellent choice for exhausting heat and moisture preserving the longevity of the building structure.

The Universal Vent is available in many powder coated colors to match your roofing or building material. The power coating process is found to significantly be greater at resisting scratching, chipping and oxidation compared to wet paint. The powder coating finish adheres extremely well which adds to the durability and long lasting clean appearance.

The Universal Vent is a versatile and excellent choice to serve your ventilation needs. Proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.