Our Round Back Roof Vents Survive Hurricane, Withstanding powerful Wind Speeds without Leaks.

Hurricane Hermine was a Category 1 hurricane that made landfall on the Florida coast in late August of 2016. Category 1 hurricanes are identified as having wind speeds ranging from 74 to 95 mph. Many of us are familiar with roof turbine vents being damaged by high wind speeds and falling debris – or even worse – falling completely off of the roof. Our Round Back Roof Vents not only survived the hurricane, but the customer was relieved to find that there were zero leaks coming into the home from the roof vents. Here is a testimonial and photo:

“I just wanted to tell you your RBV-8 roof vents stopped my leak on my new roof. After I replaced them with your RBV-8 we had Hurricane Hermine come through dumping approximately 6″ of rain in a few hours and I had zero leaks. I really appreciate what your company does.”
– Customer from Florida

We back up these testimonials with our UL certifications and wind pressure testing. Our Round Back VentsAura VentsPop VentsKeepa Vents, and Universal Vents have certifications and are tested to wind pressures of 50+ PSF, equivalent to over 200 mph wind speeds! These vents also exhaust air passively, so there’s no need to worry about moving parts that need replacement or repairs after storms or regular wear and tear.

Our Round Back Roof Vents Survive Hurricane Hermine!

Photo of replacement vents that never leaked,
even through a tropical hurricane

Still need some convincing? Well check out this other success story & testimonial from a customer in Florida who installed our Aura Vents – the same year Florida was hit by 4 major hurricanes: Are Your Roof Vents Leaking?

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