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Florida Approval by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation

This product has UL Certification. Check out other details and specifics on UL Product IQ™ (Note: UL now requires you to have a free account to access this page) UL’s Online Certifications Directory.


Active Ventilation Products’ off ridge vent product line, the Universal Vent, is a multi-purposed vent that can be used as an air exhaust or intake vent when installed on a sloped roof. This off ridge roof vent or dormer vent has a low profile design that looks pleasing on shingled roofs and parapet walls. Its hooded vent design and horizontal louvers will keep out rain and snow. The 1/8 in. opening between the horizontal louvers blades will keep out insects, birds, and animals. When used as an exhaust vent, it is engineered to allow heat and moisture to escape. When placed on the roof but at the low end of a pitched roof, it can be used as an air intake vent like a soffit vent. This off ridge roof vent is also excellent for parapet walls. It will allow the heat and moisture that can build up within the parapet wall to escape preserving the longevity of the building structure. Made of rust free aluminum, the Universal Vent is durable and can withstand harsh weather. The Universal Vent is an excellent choice to serve your ventilation needs.

  • Excellent choice to removing radiant heat from attic spaces
  • Helps to keep insulation dry in the winter
  • Mill finish aluminum will continually have a long lasting clean appearance
  • Ventilation rule 1:300, application per sq. ft.: 250 sq. ft.
  • Net free air space: 60 sq. in.
  • Pitch capacity range: 3/12 to 24/12 (vertical wall)
  • Louver design does not allow accumulation of particle build up as found in using an insect screen
  • Helps to reduce energy costs
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Universal Dormer Vents - Technical Drawing Downloads

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Universal Vent (Dormer Vent) Installation Instructions

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