Heavy Snowfall, Rain, Hurricane Winds – Our Durable Roof Vents are Engineered and Tested for that!

We have had numerous customers tell us about their experiences after buying a new Aura Ventilator. Many of them tell us how durable our roof vents are. Some have mentioned our vents survived through hurricanes in Florida or snowfall in Maine. All of this without leaking or damage! This success story comes from a roofing and masonry company located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Which is a peninsula located just east of Maine.

Nova Scotia Vent Installation on flat roof
Nova Scotia Vent Installation on flat roof

From: Mader’s Roofing & Masonry Ltd. in Lr. Sackville, N.S.

We find these to be of superior quality and durability for the climate that we live in here in Nova Scotia. Our experience with these vents to date is as follows:

1) Firstly, they withstood Hurricane Juan that had 140 mile per hour winds. No fault found.

2) Secondly, the vents kept any light snow from entering roof. “GOOD DESIGN”

3) Lastly, the vents well and seem to create a siphon of air on their own.

We are very pleased with the appearance from the design aspect and durability of the product. We will use these vents in the future.

To the best of our knowledge, ventilation performance has been satisfactory with no problems associated with severe winter conditions. In fact during February of this year we experienced the largest single day snowfall in recent memory, just shy of 3 feet in depth.

Nova Scotia Vent Installation on flat roof
UL Certification

We back up these testimonials with our UL certifications and wind pressure testing. Our Aura VentsRound Back VentsPop VentsKeepa Vents, and Universal Vents have certifications and are tested to wind pressures of 50+ PSF, equivalent to over 200 mph wind speeds! These vents also exhaust air passively. As a result, there is no need to worry about moving parts that need repairs after storms.

Still need some convincing? Check out this article: Our Aura Vents Survived 4 Hurricanes with NO LEAKS!

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