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Karaoke Night With The Team From Active Ventilation

Karaoke Night!

June 8th 2017, Newburgh, NY – Active Ventilation Products Inc. (AVP) hosted Karaoke Night for their employees at Max's on Main in Beacon, NY. Owners and founders of AVP, brothers Martin and Ethan Kolt, wanted a way to show appreciation…

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These Aura Roof Vents, Installed In February 2004, Survived Hurricane Charles, Hurricane Frances, Hurricane Ivan, And Hurricane Jeanne!

Feedback From Florida

I have been too busy and unable to reply to you sooner, but I did receive your message and it is fine that you publish a photo of our roof vents. I took these in the morning to avoid the…

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Aura Roof Vents Installed On A Home In St. Louis, Missouri

Feedback From St. Louis, MO.

I started doing research on roof ventilation about two months ago. I was not pleased with the appearance of the ridge roof vents or the spinning roof turbines (they always seem to require lubrication). This is why I chose the…

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Static Roof Exhaust Vents - Aluminum Aura Vents On A Shingle Roof

Feedback From Benson, AZ.

I installed 4 12" aura roof vents with shingle roof mounting kits (and numerous soffit vents) to ventilate my home's attic. Installation was straightforward and the instructions on your website were all I needed to complete the project. I like…

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Aura Roof Vents Installed On A Flat Roof In Raleigh, South Carolina.

Feedback From Raleigh, SC.

We looked high and low for the right products and found them with Active Ventilation Products, Inc. They were very helpful in determining the right model for our application and we received the vents in record time. They provided support…

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