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Aura Retrofit Gravity Vent | 24″ Diameter AV-24-RF


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Brand: Active VentilationUPC(GTIN): 843951001289 SKU: AV-24-RF Category:
Retrofit Aura Vent Cap AV-24-RF-with-measurements-cropped

Shipping Dimensions for AV-24-RF

Actual Package Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 16 in
UPS Dimensional (Billable) Weight 104 lbs

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Retrofit Aura Vent Cap AV-24-RF-cut-away-and-measurements

Basic dimensions of the Aura Vent and it’s identifying attributes. Primary identifying dimensions of vents and fans are the inside diameter of the Head, which equals the diameter of the hole being vented, and the height of the Collar which is the solid tube between the Head of the vent and the Flange which attaches to the roof.

Inside Diameter:

29 in.
61 cm.

Outside Diameter:

29 in.
73.7 cm.

Retrofit Stop Rib:

5.1 cm.

Height of Head:

10 in.
25.4 cm.

Diameter of Retrofit Opening:

Total Height of Retrofit Vent:

12 in.
30.5 cm.

Louvers are the vertical openings in the vent, which facilitates the flow of air, while keeping animals, insects, debris, and embers out.  The combination of inner and outer Louvers on our signature “Aura” series of vents and fans are shaped to create a positive vacuum effect which draws air out of the vent, utilizing a physical principle known as the Venturi effect.

Louver Height (inside):

7.5 in.
19.1 cm.

Louver Height (outside):

7.5 in.
19.1 cm.

Size of opening btwn blades (inside):

0.125 in.
0.3 cm.

Size of opening btwn blades (outside):

0.25 in.
0.6 cm.

Free Air Space:

452.4 sq. in.
2918.6 sq. cm.

Free Air Space:

3.14 sq. ft.
0.292 sq. m.

1:150 Ventilation Rule:

942.48 sq. ft.
87.559 sq. m.

1:300 Ventilation Rule:

1884.96 sq. ft.
175.118 sq. m.

The Venturi effect stimulated by even small breezes creates a positive movement of air out of the vent without the need of any part of the vent to move. This movement of air is proportional to the wind speed, and can be measured in Cubic Feet per Minute or Cubic Meters per Minute.

4 MPH Wind:

558 CFM
Airflow in 6.4 KPH Wind: 15.8 CMM

5.2 MPH Wind:

572 CFM
Airflow in 8.4 KPH Wind: 16.2 CMM

7.4 MPH Wind:

877 CFM
Airflow in 11.9 KPH Wind: 24.83 CMM

9.8 MPH Wind:

987 CFM
Airflow in 15.8 KPH Wind8: 27.95 CMM

11 MPH Wind:

1128 CFM
Airflow in 17.7 KPH Wind8: 31.94 CMM
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Aura Ventilator Retrofit kits will easily fit over old bases and old turbine bases. Easy quick installation. Balancing is not required, just slip the new vent over an existing base. The Aura Vent Retrofit will never rust, no maintenance required and snow or rain will not infiltrate inside the Aura Vent. It is quiet and will never wear out due to no moving parts!

Table below denotes CFM performance at various wind speeds.

4 MPH: 558

5.2 MPH: 572

7.4 MPH: 877

9.8 MPH: 987

11 MPH: 1,128