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Your Typical Roof Turbine vs The Aura Ventilator

Your Typical Roof Turbine vs The Aura Ventilator

A Side by Side Comparison

Turbine vs Aura Vent - a rusty turbine roof vent next to our Aura Ventilator

A roof turbine made of galvanized steel that rusts
A roof turbine with moving parts that wear out
A roof turbine that makes noise when it turns
A roof turbine that lets in rain when not in motion
A roof turbine that is is damaged by hurricane winds


Our Aura Ventilator is made of rust free aluminum.
Our Aura Ventilator moves CFM with no moving parts.
Our Aura Ventilator is silent and requires no electricity.
Our Aura Ventilator is not open to the sky.
Our Aura Ventilator is tested to high wind pressure speeds

Why you should choose the Aura Ventilator:

The Aura Vent utilizes the Venturi Effect due to its unique design. Wind movement from the outside in addition to heat rising (convection) from the inside pass through the inner and outer louvers, creating a suction of air that removes the heat from the attic. This allows the vent to move cubic feet per minute without the need for moving parts. No moving parts means no maintenance and no part replacement!

Our Aura Ventilators are also UL Certified and tested to wind pressures exceeding 50 PSF, equivalent to wind speeds over 200 mph! We also have testimonials from satisfied customers who were relieved to find no leaking in their attic, after tropical storms and even major hurricanes! Approvals and listings by Florida Building Code, California Fire, and Texas Department of Insurance.

Make your home look great!

  • Rust free aluminum construction maintains a long lasting, clean appearance. Maintenance free, and no rust streaks on the roof!
  • Available in colors to match your roofing material.
    • Powder coating is baked onto the metal and is very durable as compared to typical wet paints

Different sizes available for residential and commercial applications

  • Diameter sizes range from 4 inches to 24 inches
  • Collar heights range from 2 inches to 12 inches
    • This allows steep sloped residential homes to have a low profile roof vent that looks great, while commercial flat roofs can feature a higher collar to compensate for rain splash on the flat roof.
  • Curb Mount Flange available for commercial or flat roof applications
    • 12 in. tall aluminum Roof Curbs are also available for purchase.

Looking for an easy way to replace your turbine without removing the base?

We have an Aura Vent Retrofit that can be screwed onto an old existing base, just remove the turbine head and replace within minutes!

Retrofit vents make roofing jobs quick and easy, just measure the outer diameter (O.D.) of your existing base and we’ll send over a retrofit that’ll fit on snug!