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Under Eave Soffit Vent | 10″ Wide 25″ Long SV-W10-L25


  • All our aluminum products can be painted with a durable baked-on powder coating surface finish.

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Brand: Active VentilationUPC(GTIN): 843951012964 SKU: SV-W10-L25 Category:
Under Eave Vent - Soffit Vent SV-W10-L24-WD
Under Eave Vent - Soffit Vent SV-W10-L24-WT
Under Eave Vent - Soffit Vent SV-W10-L24

Shipping Dimensions for SV-W10-L25


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Soffit Vents, for efficient air intake to complete an attic venting system.