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Aura Gravity Vent - AV-10-C12

Roof Ventilation Turbo Charged
The Aura (a non-motorized gravity roof ventilator) is used to ventilate residential and commercial attic spaces. The Aura Gravity Ventilator dynamically removes heat from the attic in the summer and moisture from the attic in the winter like a roof turbine (also called "Whirlybird" or "Whirlybird vent"), but with no moving parts! These vents are engineered to be mounted onto flat and steep slope roofs.

These Aura Vents come with a flat flange, ideal for mounting on a shingled roof or where a flat flange is installed direct to a roof deck. Aura Vents with Curb Mount Flange are also available, factory-ready to be mounted on a Roof Curb.

UL listed, The Aura Gravity Ventilator’s line is rated to withstand wind pressures of over 50 PSF, which is equivalent to wind speeds exceeding 200 mph! The Aura Gravity Ventilator is also Florida State Approved, and California Wild Fire Listed.

 The Aura Gravity Ventilator protects your most valuable assets (home or building) in several specific ways:

The Aura Gravity line comes with an inner louver design which has 1/8th inch openings, allowing for vigorous air movement and eliminating back pressure.
Animals cannot break through these aluminum roof vents, like they can with plastic roof vents.
Wind driven rain and or snow cannot penetrate these gravity ventilators because they have three rows of louvers.
Inner louvers prevent insects from entering
Aura Gravity Ventilators do not need to be leveled like a roof turbine does.

The entire line of Aura Gravity Ventilators are made up of aluminum, making them durable and lightweight. Best of all, they WILL NEVER RUST! They are also silent in operation, as they do not require electricity to create air flow. Air flow ratings were documented by Georgia Tech.
All of AVP’s roof vents can be fitted with a tail pipe (adapter) if exhausting out a ducted system, such as a bathroom fan or for range hood fan for example.

The Aura Gravity Ventilator line is great for practically any roof application because of how customizable it is (same is true for The Air-Intake Pop Vent). The Aura Gravity Ventilator is available in a variety of diameters, heights and colors.

The Aura Ventilator™ uses minimal wind power and no moving parts. The wind enters the unit through a set of exterior vertical louvers, producing the necessary vacuum to extract excess moisture through a second set of interior louvers. As demonstrated from this view from above, air enters vent from the front (left side of diagram), passing through exterior louvers into the inner chamber, where it circulates and picks up speed. As a result, a vacuum draws up the warm vapors from beneath the vent into the middle section. These vapors enter the inner chamber through the interior louvers and circulate together with the air which had entered from outside, until they both forcefully exit through the back of the vent (the right side of the diagram).

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