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ASF-24-RF | Aura Solar Fan Retrofit 24″ Diameter


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  • Optional Fan Controls

    • 20 $
    • 60 $
  • An Additional Solar Panel is optional with all solar fans. 

    • 360 $

    We need to know the type of roof (Flat or Pitched) to supply the correct brackets. 

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    • $
  • All our aluminum products can be painted with a durable baked-on powder coating surface finish.

    • 0 $
    • 40 $
    • 80 $

    Hover (or tap once) to show color with name, Click (or tap again) to select.

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Brand: Active VentilationUPC(GTIN): 843951005270 SKU: ASF-24-RF Category:
Aura Solar Fan Retrofit Vent Cap ASF-24-Bottom
Aura Solar Fan Retrofit Vent Cap ASF-24-Top

Shipping Dimensions for ASF-24-RF

Actual Package Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 16 in
UPS Dimensional (Billable) Weight 104 lbs

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Coming Soon – Technical drawings for this product. Call or email if you have specific documentation or specification needs for your project. We will do whatever we can to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Installation Guides Under Development. Coming Soon.


Aura Solar Fan Retrofit Vent, 24 inches in diameter for an existing turbine base or vent pipe