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Aura Solar Retrofit fan - ASF-10

The Aura Solar Fan Retrofit Models are designed to replace existing roof vents.

Aura Solar Fans are a perfect replacement for turbine vent heads! Turbines frequently slow or stop turning entirely due to wear, corrosion, or damage from high winds. The Aura Solar is a much better alternative because it is not open to the sky, preventing rain and snow from entering. Aura Solar Fan Retrofit exhausts heat using both solar and wind power. Even when the solar panel is not hit by direct sunlight, the inner and outer vertical louvers around the fan allow the hot air from the inside and the air from the outside to pass through. This creates a suction or vacuum referred to as the Venturi effect. These vertical louvers also prevent rain and snow from entering, unlike the typical turbine vent which is open to the sky.

DiameterAura Solar Fan Retrofit Model
4" DiameterASF-4-RF
6" DiameterASF-6-RF
8" DiameterASF-8-RF
10" DiameterASF-10-RF
12" DiameterASF-12-RF
14" DiameterASF-14-RF
16" DiameterASF-16-RF
18" Diameter ASF-18-RF
20" DiameterASF-20-RF
24" DiameterASF-24-RF
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