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Feedback From Florida

I have been too busy and unable to reply to you sooner, but I did receive your message and it is fine that you publish a photo of our roof vents. I took these in the morning to avoid the afternoon sun and I hope they work for you. I was unable to get all of them, but we have 7 vents total, up there.

Another important point to mention is that we installed them in February 2004 and it was during the summer of that year that Florida was hit by 4 major hurricanes: Charles, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne, not to mention torrential rains in between hurricanes. Not only did the roof and the vents hold up really well, but we did not get any rain inside the attic at all.

Once again, I am happy you are still in business selling this great product!


These Aura Roof Vents, Installed In February 2004, Survived Hurricane Charles, Hurricane Frances, Hurricane Ivan, And Hurricane Jeanne!
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