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Roof Curb RC-10

Our prefabricated Roof Curbs are designed for flat roof or low sloped roof applications.

Save TIME and MONEY with our lightweight yet heavy gauge aluminum metal curbs. It’s true; you don’t have to build your own heavy wooden curbs anymore.

Our Curb Mounted Flange vent lines are ready to install on the appropriate sized roof curbs. This includes gravity vents (Aura Vent with Curb Mount Flange), air intake roof louvers (Intake Pop Vents with Curb Mount Flange) and Round Back Vents with Curb Mount Flange. We also manufacture Attic Fans with Curb Mount Flange, and Aura Solar Fans with Curb Mount Flange when you need powered vents.

4" DiameterRC-4
6" DiameterRC-6
8" DiameterRC-8
10" DiameterRC-10
12" DiameterRC-12
14" DiameterRC-14
16" DiameterRC-16
18" DiameterRC-18
20" DiameterRC-20
24" DiameterRC-24
30" DiameterRC-30
36" DiameterRC-36
42" DiameterRC-42
48" DiameterRC-48

Building your own heavy wooden roof curbs can cause damage to the roofing membrane. Eliminate the possibility of damage by buying our installation ready (no field assembly) roof curbs

Aluminum is stronger than steel pound for pound. Our roof curbs provide structural strength & integrity.

Roof Vents & Roof Fans are available with curb mounted flanges engineered to fit our roof curbs. Everything is sized perfectly, which is another good reason to not build your own roof curb.

The flashing of the roof curb allows for mechanical fasteners to be used so that the curb is bonded to the roof. Once the roof curb is in place it is to be covered with roofing material for a water tight seal.

Curbs can be insulated when needed and accommodate roof vent sizes ranging from 4inch to 48inch in diameter.

If you need a curb mount flange alone, or attached to a vent which is not listed as available with a curb mount flange, please call or email the office and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

CSI Masterformat # 077213

5 year warranty

Proudly made in the USA

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