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Roof Ventilation that looks great while running on sunlight

Fan ventilation from the free power of the sun is what is what we’re selling. The Round Back Solar Attic Fan runs off of direct sunlight and not off your electric bill. Save money, these fans are small in stature and are affordably priced. You can install several solar fans on your roof, just like regular roof vents. Remove all that trapped hot air in the summer and moisture in the winter. The fan does not run in the evening; however the roof vent will still work without the fan, it is called “passive ventilation” which takes place during those dark hours. The inner louver design will prevent rain, snow, insects & animals from entering the roof.  This product is made in America and with an all-aluminum construction means that the solar attic fans will not rust. Match the color of your fan with the color of your roof. We have many colors available to choose from.  This is a great value!

Diameter2" Collar
8 in. for Shingle RoofRBSF-08-C02