Round Back Solar Roof Exhaust Fan

Round Back Solar Fan Close-up and Installed on Shingle Roof
Round Back Solar Fans Installed on Shingle Roof

Roof Ventilation that looks great while running on sunlight

Receive powered attic ventilation for free. More than a roof vent, The Round Back Solar Roof Exhaust Fan runs directly off of sunlight during the day, providing you with powered ventilation. These fans will make your home more energy efficient and you will feel more comfortable as well. During the evening hours the fans work passively, this allows for ventilation to occur but less dynamically. Affordably priced, you can purchase and install several solar roof exhaust fans at once in order to ventilate your entire roof. Additional fans will also assist you to remove hot air in the summer and excess moisture in the winter. Rain, snow, insects & animals will not be able to get passed the lid and row of metal louvers of this solar fan, because it is durable and made in America. Having an all-aluminum construction that will not rust, The Round Back Solar Roof Exhaust Fan will look great on your roof for years to come. Have your fan painted to match the color of your roof. There are many colors available to choose from.

Diameter2" Collar
8 in. for Shingle RoofRBSF-8-C2

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