Active Ventilation Products, (AVP) is owned by brothers Martin & Ethan Kolt, with each brother holding 50% ownership of the company. When asked, “Who is Active Ventilation Products?” Ethan, explains “We, like many other American-based manufactures, supply to a niche market, which is roof vents and roof accessories. The engineers at AVP have focused their engineering and creative prowess to design roof vents that can handle any type of climate and at any roof pitch. 

Another one of the distinguishing facts about Active Ventilation Products that sets it aside from other manufacturers is that they build both residential and commercial roof vents. Other companies focus on one or the other but not both. “I think the fact we build for both, gives us an edge” explains Ethan. “When you support both industries, it deepens your appreciation and understanding of building science and its complicated relationship with the weather”.

Ethan goes on to share his thoughts about the current state of roof vents in the marketplace today. “The quality and aesthetics in how roof vents are made are slowly but steadily deteriorating. You can see this when you look at what is sitting on the store shelf. It’s like wow, how can they get away with this? That is why (AVP) is giving the industry the attention to detail it needs”.

With the company featured in “River of Opportunities,” the article explains how AVP is also a great place to work. “You have to take care of your people if you want the company to be a success” explains Ethan. “Active Ventilation offers a full range of benefits that will enable staff members to have financial security when they retire, even if they never went to college or trade school."

Currently, AVP manufacture’s roof vents, solar roof exhaust fans, curb mount flangesroof curbs, roof jack vent caps, dormer vents, soffit vents, PVC pipe caps and more products are to be released later in the summer of 2021.

Roof vents range in size from 3 inches to 48 inches in diameter. AVP’s product lines are built for both flat and steep slope roofs. Many of AVP’s products are UL certified as well as Florida StateTexas Department of Insurance, and California Fire Code standard approved. UL Certified roof vents are rated to withstand wind pressure exceeding 200 mph.

Over 700 models of roof vents are distributed to homeowners, roofers, architects, engineers, and OEMs across the country and overseas”.

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Active Ventilation Factory Building - Manufacturer of Roof VentsActive Ventilation Factory Building - Manufacturer of Roof Vents

Introducing Active Ventilation Products

AVP's Vice President, Ethan Kolt, shows the 63,000 square foot factory. AVP is a family-owned business producing products across several industries. Some of these industries include commercial, residential, industrial, manufactured housing industry and more.

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