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Active Ventilation Manufactures High Quality Roof Vents, Fans and Solar Fans

Active Ventilation Products, (AVP) is owned by brothers Martin & Ethan Kolt. When asked, “Who is Active Ventilation Products” Ethan, Executive Vice President of AVP explains “We like other American based manufactures, supply to a niche market. We have focused our engineering and creative prowess to roof vent production. We supply over 700 models of roof vents to home owners, roofers, distributers and OEM’s across the country”.

Ethan goes on to express his feelings about the current state of roof vents out in the market place today. “Metal roof vent manufacturing has become somewhat of a forgotten niche. The quality, durability and aesthetics seem to have deteriorated over the years. That is why we are giving the industry some well-deserved attention” explains Ethan, Executive VP.

With the factory located in the City of Newburgh, New York, (AVP) and a staff of over 55 sheet metal fabricators, AVP manufactures more than just metal roof vents, they also offer attic fans, solar attic fans, curb mount flanges, roof curbs, roof jack vent caps, dormer vents (also known as off ridge vents or parapet wall vents), soffit vents, and PVC pipe cap vents amongst others.

With roof vents ranging in size from 3 inches to 48 inches in diameter AVP’s deep line is engineered for flat and steep sloped roof applications. Most of AVP’s attic vents have UL certification as well as having Florida State. Texas Department of Insurance certification pending but the testing has been completed so far. California Fire Code approvals are complete and all certified roof vents are rated to withstand wind pressure of over 200mph. Furthermore all UL listed roof vents came in well over 50 PSF when tested at the UL Laboratory.

Covid has not slowed us down, We Remain Open for Business

We are an essential supplier of ventilation equipment for HUD Homes and for FEMA homes. AVP supplies roof vents, attic fans, roof jacks, roof curbs and more for construction companies, building material distributors and homeowners as well.

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Active Ventilation Factory Building - Manufacturer of Roof Vents
Active Ventilation Factory Building - Manufacturer of Roof Vents