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Roof Vents – Active Ventilation Products – About Us

Metal Roof Vents, Attic Fans, Off Ridge Vents, Roof Curbs, PVC Vent Caps & More

 Who is Active Ventilation Products?

Active Ventilation Products is owned by brothers Martin & Ethan Kolt. “We, like other American based manufactures, supply to a niche market. We have focused our engineering & creative prowess to innovate metal roof vents. Metal roof vent manufacturing has been a forgotten niche, the quality and aesthetics have deteriorated over the years, now it’s getting some well-deserved attention,” explains Ethan, Executive VP.

With the factory located in the City of Newburgh, New York, Active Ventilation Products Inc., (AVP) supplies aluminum roof accessories to distributors and end-users in the residential & commercial roofing markets. With a staff of over 55 sheet metal workers, AVP manufactures metal roof vents, attic fans, solar attic fans, curb mount flanges, roof curbs, roof jack vent caps, dormer vents, off ridge vents, soffit vents, parapet wall vents, and PVC pipe cap vents amongst others.

Roof vents range in size from 3 inches to 24 inches in diameter. Most of the attic vents are UL certified and have Florida State, Texas Department of Insurance (Pending) and California Fire Code approvals. Active Ventilation Products Inc., is distinguished by having roof vents approved to withstand the highest wind pressure ratings. All roof vent lines at the UL Laboratory came in well over 50 PSF (equivalent to wind pressure exceeding 200 mph).

Active Ventilation Products customizes commercial roof accessories to the architects, engineers and builders’ specifications.

What else can be said about Active Ventilation Products? Well, more and more distributors have been handling AVP’s line nationally as the demand grows for quality made metal vents & roof accessories.

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Active Ventilation Products Inc. BBB Business Review

Active Ventilation Products - Our Factory in Newburgh, New York, where we manufacture our Roof Vents