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The Exhaust Pop Vent

Intake Roof Vents - Aluminum Pop Vent in Weatherwood on Shingle Roof
Roof Louver - Pop Vent for Exhaust PV-14-C1-Brown

One of our premier Roof Vents
Our Pop Vent, exhaust version, effectively removes heat from under the roof directly to the outside on hot summer days and removes moisture from the attic on cold damp nights. This roof vent is now UL certified. This Pop Roof Vent, (also known as the Roof Louver), has been tested to over 50+ PSF, which means that this roof vent can handle wind speeds in excess of 200 mph!

Florida State Approved, California Wild File Certified, this vent will meet or exceed your expectations.

 1" Collar2" Collar
12" DiameterPV-12-C01PV-12-C02
14" DiameterPV-14-C01PV-14-C02
16" DiameterPV-16-C02
18" DiameterPV-18-C02
20" DiameterPV-20-C02
24" DiameterPV-24-C02

Made of all-aluminum construction, the Pop Roof Vent is durable, lightweight, and WILL NOT RUST! Having an inner vertical louver design featuring engineered spacing 1/8th inch diameter apart, allows for maximum air flow without letting in insects, animals, rain & snow. These louvers are better for ventilating than insect screen like our roof vent competitors have, and also louvers are stronger than insect screen at keeping out vermin. Insect screen can clog up and reduce air flow for a roof vent and they are also not aerodynamic.

Pop Vents are also very attractive roof vents. They have a finished look and are available in over 30 durable powder coat colors applied with an electrostatic process and baked on at high temperature. Much more durable than spray paint. The Pop Vent is a popular among homeowners and professionals alike.

The Pop Vent is an excellent choice for roof venting.

Our Pop Vents have UL Certification. Check out other details and specifics on UL Product IQ™ (Note: UL now requires you to have a free account to access this page)

UL’s Online Certifications Directory.