Aura Gravity Ventilator with Curb Mount Flange

Our Roof Louver, The Pop Vent for Exhaust Painted Brown

Our Roof Louver, The Pop Vent for Exhaust Painted Brown

The Aura Gravity Roof Ventilator: A Sustainable Solution for Year-Round Attic Ventilation


Proper ventilation is crucial in maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home or building. The Aura Gravity Roof Ventilator is one innovative solution that has gained popularity. Unlike traditional roof turbines, this advanced ventilation system operates without moving parts, making it highly durable and efficient. We will explore the features and benefits of the Aura Gravity Ventilator, its working principles, and its suitability for various weather conditions. Whether you're a homeowner or a building professional, understanding how this sustainable solution can improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs is essential.

The Venturi Effect: Harnessing Nature's Power

One of the fundamental mechanisms behind the Aura Gravity Ventilator is the Venturi Effect. By leveraging this natural phenomenon, the ventilator harnesses the power of the wind to create an upward draft, facilitating the efficient flow of air out of the roof vent. Unlike traditional roof turbines or Whirlybirds Roof Vents that rely on spinning blades, the Aura Vent's double louvers channel the wind's force, creating a suction that draws air out of the attic or building. This innovative approach ensures that even the gentlest breeze can generate exhaust ventilation, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), effectively removing stale air and moisture.

Versatile Applications

The Aura Gravity Ventilator with a Curb Mount Flange suits commercial and residential applications. It offers an array of sizes 4" to 48" inches in diameter and fits all ventilation needs, making it a versatile solution for various types of buildings. The vent head is also removable, allowing for easy access during attic inspections or maintenance of the plenum or duct.

Year-Round Ventilation: The Stack Effect

In addition to the Venturi Effect, the Aura Gravity Ventilator utilizes the Stack Effect to provide year-round roof ventilation. This natural phenomenon occurs when the outside temperature is cooler than the attic temperature. As warm air rises, it escapes through the roof vents, creating a continuous fresh air flow. By strategically installing the Aura Ventilator, homeowners and building professionals can use this passive ventilation system to help regulate indoor temperature and moisture levels. Whether reducing heat buildup in the summer or eliminating excess moisture in the winter, the Aura Gravity Ventilator ensures a comfortable and healthy living environment throughout the year.

Durability and Weather Resistance

When selecting a roof ventilator, durability and weather resistance are vital considerations. Traditional roof turbines may rust and wear out over time, reducing efficiency and potential maintenance issues. The Aura Gravity Ventilators, on the other hand, are constructed from durable, rust-free aluminum. This material ensures long-lasting performance and eliminates the risk of rust-related complications. Furthermore, the double louvers of the Aura Vent are beaded together, providing a highly effective barrier against rainwater and wildlife intrusion. Whether you're facing heavy rain or dealing with pesky critters, the Aura Gravity Ventilator offers the ultimate protection without compromising its functionality.

Installation Flexibility: Curb Mount Flange

The Aura Ventilator's installation flexibility is another standout feature. The Aura Vent with Curb Mount Flange is designed to fit over Roof Curbs, offering additional height and dimensions. AVP offers roof curbs of four heights: 6" tall, 8" tall, 12" tall, and 18" tall. Insulated roof curbs are available as well. This versatility allows easy installation on flat roofs and provides an extra defense against potential damage. Whether retrofitting an existing roof or planning a new construction project, the Aura Gravity Ventilator's curb mount flange ensures seamless integration into your building's design.


Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to any building component. The manufactured Aura Gravity Ventilators meet the highest safety standards, providing users peace of mind. The Aura Ventilator is a trusted choice for residential and commercial applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is valuable for further information and assistance. It addresses common queries related to the Aura Gravity Ventilator, including installation and compatibility. If your question remains unanswered, you can contact the sales team via email at [email protected] or by calling 845-565-7770. The dedicated team is always ready to provide expert advice and guidance to help you make an informed decision about incorporating the Aura Gravity Ventilator into your building project.


The Aura Gravity Roof Ventilator offers a sustainable and efficient solution for year-round ventilation. This innovative ventilator efficiently removes heat, moisture, and stale air, creating a comfortable living environment by harnessing the Venturi and Stack effects. The Aura Gravity Ventilator provides long-lasting performance and protection against the elements with its durable construction, weather resistance, and installation flexibility. Certified and approved by reputable organizations, the Aura Ventilator guarantees safety and reliability. Whether a homeowner or a building professional, incorporating the Aura Gravity Ventilator into your project can significantly enhance indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Contact the sales team or consult the FAQ page to address any questions or concerns. Determine your roof's pitch accurately using the provided diagram, and embark on a journey towards a well-ventilated and sustainable living space with the Aura Gravity Roof Ventilator.

Contacting Sales and Support

If you still have unanswered questions or require further assistance, our sales team is here to help. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or by calling 845-565-7770. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the guidance and support you need to make an informed decision about the Round Back Static Vent with Curb Mount Flange.

Calculate Aura Vent Ventilation for given area

Enter below the Width and Length of the attic space you intend to ventilate. You may also enter the size of the attic directly in the "Area" field at the bottom.

Enter width of space to calculate area (or enter Area below)

Enter width of space to calculate area (or enter Area below)

If you know it, you may enter the area directly here

The diameter size of all roof vents determines the Net Free Area, also known as the "NFA". NFA is the measured amount of opening each vent offers at each specific size. to be available for venting air through a specific vent size. The calculator below will find the overall number of vents needed to effectively ventilate the targeted attic space.

Once you have the area, pulldown to select the specific vent diameter to show the number of vents of that size which would ventilate the specified area with both 1/300 and 1/150 rule.

*Please note
The roof vent calculation values shown above are for the exhaust portion of the roof. The same amount of net free air inches is needed for air intake as well. Proper roof ventilation consists of 50% air exhaust and 50% air intake.

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