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The Aura Gravity Ventilator
with Curb Mount Flange

For an active exhaust

Aura Vent with Curb Mount Flange Mounted on Roof Curb

Our Aura Commercial Roof Vent with curb mount flange dynamically removes heat from the attic in the summer and moisture from the attic in the winter. By design our Aura Vent is engineered to functions like a roof turbine “Wind Turbine” but with no moving parts! Air flow ratings were recorded and documented by Georgia Tech.

Our roof vents come with an inner louver design, each louver has an 1/8th inch opening in between them. This allows for maximum air flow compared to insect screen. Louvers also prevent wind driven rain or snow from entering the attic.

Roof vents are easy to install, more so than a roof turbine, (wind turbine) that requires precise leveling. The Aura Commercial roof vents are UL Certified, and tested to withstand wind pressure over 50 PSF, which is equivalent to wind pressure exceeding 200 mph! Tested more than any other commercial roof vent, the Aura Roof Vent is Florida State Approved, and California Wild Fire Listed.

Shown above is The Aura Vent with Curb Mount Flange, which is engineered to be mounted on top of a roof curb. The curb mounted flange allows for easy access to the top opening of a roof curb if maintenance of the attic, fan, or duct below is needed.

All our roof vents, curb mount flanges and roof curbs are fabricated from durable and lightweight aluminum, and so WILL NEVER RUST!

All our commercial roof vents and residential roof vents can be fitted with a tail pipe (adapter to a duct) if ventilating a ducted system is required. Roof vents with tail pipes are great for bathroom or range hood exhaust (for example).

The Aura Roof Vent line is great for practically any roof application; including steep slope roofs as well as flat roofs because of it’s customizability (same is true for The Air-Intake Pop Vent). Aura Roof Vents are available in an array of diameters and heights.

The Aura Roof Vent is also available in a flat flange model for pitched and shingled roofs.  And like all Active Ventilation Products, they are available in over 30 durable powder coat colors applied with an electrostatic process and baked on at high temperature. Much more durable than spray paint.

Aura Roof Ventilator Animation - Venturi Effect

The Aura Ventilator™ uses minimal wind power and no moving parts. The wind enters the unit through a set of exterior vertical louvers, producing the necessary vacuum to extract excess moisture through a second set of interior louvers. As demonstrated from this view from above, air enters vent from the front (left side of diagram), passing through exterior louvers into the inner chamber, where it circulates and picks up speed. As a result, a vacuum draws up the warm vapors from beneath the vent into the middle section. These vapors enter the inner chamber through the interior louvers and circulate together with the air which had entered from outside, until they both forcefully exit through the back of the vent (the right side of the diagram).