From the managing agent for Westage Towers East Condominium on our Aura Solar Fan:

"Over the last year and a-half, I’ve bought and installed about 60 AURA BI-FANs. Installation was easy. We haven’t had any breakdowns with these fans. They conserve energy and offer better ventilation.” Below are pictures of a recent replacement of an older vent with the Aura Bi-Fan. Notice in particular the big difference in amperage between the old vent and the new Bi-fan replacement."

Aura Bi-Fan
Aura Bi-Fan

The Aura Solar Fan uses both solar and wind to power the ventilator. It exhausts air continuously even when there is no sun and the motor is off. It works passively because of the Venturi Effect. When wind blows against the outer louvers this creates an upward draft which allows air to freely flow in and out of the vent.

The Aura Solar Fan comes in an array of diameters and collar heights allowing for installation in any climate zone. See the Climate Zone Chart to determine the proper collar height for installation in your area.

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